Alviere Raises $70 Million in Funding—Signals More Interest in Fintech

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Alviere, reportedly the leading embedded finance platform enabling any brand to deliver financial products and services to their customers and employees, has raised $70 million of new funding, reportedly the largest investment in this emerging sector of #fintech to date.

According to Yuval Brisker, CEO and co-founder of Alviere: “Embedded finance technology is taking the decentralization of financial services to another level. Now any brand with an existing customer base – be it a telco, a retailer, a software company, a marketplace — or an automotive company will be able to deliver a robust array of financial products and services to its customers. With Alviere’s industry-leading technology and expertise, brands who never considered the idea can now launch a highly lucrative, immediately profitable new line of business. Our embedded finance solution can easily and quickly deliver ‘everything personal finance’ to your customers, deepening customer relationships and insights while dramatically increasing bottom line revenue.”

This is a great example of how innovators use applications to address needs and opportunities. The digital revolution remains early stage.

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