Agtech Can Help Make the Planet Greener
In this World Economic Forum article, Philip Meissner, Professor at the ESCP Business School, Founder & Director European Center for Digital Competitiveness, asserts that new green tech, from vertical farming to 3D printing and plant-based meat, can reduce our environmental footprint while enabling sustainable growth.
Tapping the Power of Agritech to Bring Positive Change
Start with challenges that aren’t changing, not the latest innovation, advises Rhishi P., head of product at Mineral at X. Alphabet Inc.’s moonshot factory, “with the mission of inventing and launching breakthrough technologies to help tackle some of the world’s hardest problems, including agriculture.”
JetRuby Urban Farming
Automated Farming: Implementing IoT in Agriculture
As an IT company, we have significant experience in developing sophisticated software and IT solutions for several key sectors. We are recognized as a top California Web Design Agency on DesignRush for a reason. That’s why we didn’t get puzzled when we started our collaboration with a multinational lighting manufacturer – OSRAM. The project we came up with is based on IoT technology. Simply put, it’s a software for managing an automated farm. Since we didn’t have any strong requirements for the project implementation, we conducted research and development that…
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