AI and Automation

The Rise of Smart Policing: How AI is Enhancing Law Enforcement
The article below covered Smart Policing or AI-powered solutions for Law Enforcement, how they assist police officers in crime prevention, and our contribution to developing a smart policing app. Imagine a world where police departments could predict crime before it happens, allocate resources more efficiently, and use advanced technology to enhance public safety. No, this isn’t a Philip K. Dick novel. It’s happening right now, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI’s foray into law enforcement might be best described as ‘Smart Policing.’ By harnessing the immense capabilities of AI, we’re…
Business Automation Risks
Smash This to Mitigate Business Automation Risks
This article about business automation risks is helpful for app owners considering scaling up their businesses. The developers’ sandbox is the solution that ensures smooth modernization without hiccups. The real case study below discovers how we applied the sandbox tool to facilitate the business automation process for our client.  Approaching business automation risks What if you need to roll out new features for your digital product but fear it will affect its performance? The concern is valid, but it doesn’t mean your modernization bumps into obstacles. There are cloud solutions…
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