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Mobile development: the future is here! How modern technologies are changing the usual approach to app development
According to a Pew Research Center study, more than 81% of adult Americans own a smartphone, and the average time they spend on their phone is about 5.5 hours a day. This makes mobile development increasingly important for companies that want to stay competitive and attract more customers. However, creating applications that are beneficial for users and profitable for companies implies an understanding of mobile development trends. The purpose of this article is to review current trends in mobile development that will help developers create more user-friendly, functional and attractive…
The Art of Mobile App Development: How to Build an App That Wows Users and Ensures the Success of Your Business
Building a successful mobile app is not only about creating an aesthetically pleasing interface. It also takes much more than just implementing a bunch of different features hoping that users will actually use them. Development of any application needs individual research and a good understanding of core points, that we will discuss later in this article.  Finding the target audience Identifying the target audience is of paramount importance when developing an app. It serves as the foundation for creating a successful and user-centric product. By understanding the target audience, developers…
Core ml for sports
Core ML as a Technological Solution for Fitness Apps
Summary: This review continues the series of articles covering the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s been one of our company’s essential technological priorities, and we’re glad to share our findings with you. Our article will tell you about Core ML, a modern-day framework powered by machine learning algorithms developed by Apple. Core ML is easily integrated into an existing application. Context of development Doing exercise in a proper physical form is critical to achieving maximum results in sports. Mistakes in exercise techniques can lead to injuries, decrease…
Discovery Phase in mobile app development
This blog article discusses the importance of a discovery phase in app development. It provides some insight into why this important step is crucial in the early stages of the planning and development of the app, as well as how to go about setting up an effective discovery process. It’s all too easy to start development on your app and immediately encounter a roadblock. Letting the discovery phase take its course, this is where you get to see what features your community needs or would like out of their app…
4 Types of Push Notifications That Users Enjoy
The world of technology has gotten us closer and has shrunk the globe. The more technology progressed, more things were redefined to make comfort and convenience easily available at all times. We are all surrounded by a world of applications that we are glued to. Most of these applications again concentrate on the comfort and convenience factor. Probably, one of the many reasons why they are so popular in the first place. Applications these days have changed the way people do almost everything. Be it the way they shop and…
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