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Our company’s new social media strategy is aligned with our commitment to help organizations develop the most effective applications for their marketplaces. Just as our developers regularly contribute code to the Ruby on Rails community, we are now committed to continually combing news sources for trends, ideas, warnings or other issues from which both the economic decision makers and developers at any organization involved with apps can benefit.

Whether you follow us via our CEO Ivan LinkedIn community, our blogs, or e-newsletters, you’ll find information on: new technology trends; new potential sources of funding; success stories; warnings and challenges; and useful suggestions from our large community of developers and customers.

Feel free to share with us news you feel would be of interest to the application development world, especially those running on Ruby on Rails.

Editor's Choice

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The Role of a Software Test Strategy in a Strong Quality Assurance Plan

Quality assurance (QA), substantiated by a strong software test strategy, is often underestimated in many IT projects. We consider the QA strategy vital…

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Best DevOps Practices: How We Improved Monitoring for the Client Project

A practical case of using cloud monitoring in DevOps as a service. In this blog post, we will explore how we applied the…

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Save your information and nerves. Everything you need to know about the concept of Observability in Ruby.

  Engineering teams focus on observability.   Companies are increasingly adapting to diverse tech stacks, integrating observability in Ruby and other languages to…

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