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Our company’s new social media strategy is aligned with our commitment to help organizations develop the most effective applications for their marketplaces. Just as our developers regularly contribute code to the Ruby on Rails community, we are now committed to continually combing news sources for trends, ideas, warnings or other issues from which both the economic decision makers and developers at any organization involved with apps can benefit.

Whether you follow us via our CEO Ivan LinkedIn community, our blogs, or e-newsletters, you’ll find information on: new technology trends; new potential sources of funding; success stories; warnings and challenges; and useful suggestions from our large community of developers and customers.

Feel free to share with us news you feel would be of interest to the application development world, especially those running on Ruby on Rails.

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 How to build an MVP

 How to build an MVP

Here’s what Statista tells us about the survival rate of startups: 90% of new services fail in the first year. 37% of companies close within the first two years. More…

JetRuby Clutch Review Highlights How We Help Clients Create Great Applications

We recently received a client rating of 5.0 and this review on Clutch for our development of a mobile application for a fitness subscription company in the US.
Trends in Educational Technology

5 trends in educational technology disrupting the market!

It is astonishing to say this out, but the educational technology industry section trends are tremendously kicking well. It sees the vast potential in lots of educational institutions, especially during…
The New Focus on the Human-Centric Organization Requires Enhanced Approach to HR Tech

The New Focus on the Human-Centric Organization Requires Enhanced Approach to HR Tech

The big reset during the pandemic is this movement towards human-centered leadership, human-centered management, and valuing employees as assets, not just labor and expense…and that means empowerment, development and investment

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