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Great Insight on Need to Gain Organizational Buy-in for Digital Transformation

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Chelsea Barnes of The Enterprisers’ Project emphasizes that “successful digital transformation requires adoption across your organization.

She says that three-quarters of digital transformation initiatives are stuck in “pilot purgatory.” She agrees with our view that “while technical boxes may be checked, organizational adoption – if and how employees welcome the change – is often ignored. Achieving genuine buy-in from people is a much more complex challenge than installing hardware or software. Go figure.”

She recommends you ask these questions:

  1. How are you making it easier for your employees to visualize a new “day-to-day” and make them comfortable with those changes without fear of job insecurity?
  2. In what ways are you reinforcing and reskilling your existing talent so that data competency is pervasive across your organization?
  3. Where can you revise your organizational structure to encourage collaboration rather than competing priorities that slow down the project?
  4. What processes can you institute (or improve) that will enable a faster pace of change so that your company can learn continuously and organically?

JetRuby is a big believer in Chelsea’s advice. Click here for our recent blog post on this critical subject.

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