JetRuby Agency Thanks Our Wonderful Clients

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At JetRuby Agency, we have spent the past decade delivering quality products for our clients. We have the knowledge, passion, and integrity to help your web development project succeed!

JetRuby Agency is proud to be featured on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, DC. Clutch’s independent team interviews the past clients of service providers and these interviews form the basis of their verified reviews. Having reviews on Clutch increases legitimacy in the B2B space.

We recently received a new review on Clutch! Our client was a software development consultancy in need of more developers. The JetRuby Agency team was up for the task! We augmented their staff to help build feature-rich web applications.

Our team helped the client deliver the platform on time, sticking to the budget and timeline.

“They help us deliver our services at a high quality and a lower cost than local market rates.” – Co-Founder, Software Development Consultancy

Another 5-star client was a marketplace startup. After an analysis phase, our team developed a straightforward platform and integrated a payment processing system. The platform also includes a chat function.

While the platform has not yet launched, our client had great feedback for us! Our team was able to deliver quality code for the project in a timely manner.

“I’ve been most impressed by the personal attention and human relationship, which were the main things that attracted me to them. I have a good connection with the project manager and the rest of the team.” – CEO, Marketplace Startup

We are honored to have been part of such wonderful projects!

Clutch also has two sister sites, the Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a company listing site, organizing service providers by geographic location and main service line. The site also features business survey data and how-to guides. JetRuby Agency is featured on the Manifest as a top web development company in Lviv!

A service provider builds reputation by posting their portfolio to Visual Objects. The site allows users to look through the past work of designers and developers to find the best fit for their next project. We have been named a top mobile app development company in Russia by Visual Objects!

We are honored to have been part of so many amazing projects over the years and look forward to forming new partnerships in 2020.

Interested parties can check out our Clutch profile to hear more about our projects or get in contact with us directly to get started on their next project.

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