Key HR Trends From Employee Benefit News

Key HR Trends From Employee Benefit News

This article by Amando Schiavo identifies key trends in HR technology.

  1. HR leaders will have a hard time filling roles that don’t allow for remote working arrangements. “Organizations are going to be hard-pressed to find potential employees who are willing to spend five days a week in an office — and for offices that can’t always be remote, that’s a big problem.” This will require technology that helps align engagement practices across the enterprise through digital platforms.
  2. Employers who fail to embrace the modernization of tech and benefits are setting themselves up to fail. Companies will require modern human resources platforms that enable employees to easily manage their relationships with the company.
  3. Employers will experience higher turnover if they don’t offer benefits that meet employees’ individual needs. Digital engagement platforms will need to make it easy for employees to evaluate and select appropriate benefits.

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