Learn About our People Strategies Through Our Human Capital Management Report

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JetRuby may be the first tech company to publish a human capital report designed to conform with ISO 30414 human capital standards incorporating elements of ISO 10018 people engagement to address how we treat all stakeholders. We will periodically publish excerpts, including this overview of our company.

Founded in 2010 as a Y-Combinator startup, Digital Future Group is a privately held professional software engineering company with several subsidiary brands (JetRuby, Jet Solutions, OZ Solutions, etc.). The headquarters are in the USA and engineering offices are located in the Ukraine and Russia. (See the special note on circumstances in Ukraine in the introduction to our human capital report.)

We have the capacity, passion, and expertise to bring our clients’ vision to reality.

● 10+ years of experience
● 200+ people including remote teams worldwide
● 250 + accomplished projects
● clients from 24 countries worldwide
● NPS = 44.2%
● 9.1 out of 10 – employees rate how deeply they are engaged and share the company’s mission & values
● Top-rated by Clutch yearly during 2017-2021
● Top Mobile App Development Companies for Startups in 2020 and in 2021

Our mission is to help tech companies around the world develop top SaaS products that people enjoy so that our clients are successful and their customers are happy. We become long-term business partners for our clients. We offer the best solutions and take responsibility for their implementation by understanding their business goals and enhancing their business results.

We measure our success by the happiness of our clients and their customers. We do our best so that they enjoy the full benefits of our product because we’ve thoroughly considered their needs. The product adds value to people, so they are ready to pay for it, willing to consistently use it, and recommend it to their friends.

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