Special Note on Our Situation in Ukraine

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We greatly appreciate the support of our customers and employees during this very difficult time. As you can imagine, we stopped sharing our “tech” watch posts on LinkedIn while we focused on immediate priorities.

As a technology company specializing in bringing the talents of Eastern European developers to western countries, JetRuby Agency employs many Ukrainians. In fact, 30% of our developers come from the Ukraine, and perhaps as many as 50% of our Russian employees have friends and/or family there.

The safety of our employees is a crucial part of Jetruby’s long-term policy. So far, we have managed to relocate the majority of our colleagues with their families away from risky areas, so they can safely continue working on current projects.

Our company is making every effort to successfully adapt to the changing environment. After the safety of our employees, our top priority is the continuity of work on all our projects and the fulfillment of our commitments to partners.

At the moment, nothing threatens the stability of our company. We are confident we will successfully overcome the obstacles and cooperate fruitfully to achieve our partners’ goals during these difficult times and in so doing help keep many deserving people meaningfully employed and safe.

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