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MUO: The 8 Biggest Tech Trends for 2022

Tech Trends 2022
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Here are useful insights from writer Anina O.:

  1. Augmented Reality in Online Shopping
    Vendors can now create realistic 3D models of products, allowing potential buyers to see the item as if they had it in their hands before purchasing it.
  2. Sustainability in Tech
    Modern gadgets have proven themselves a permanent part of our daily lives, people want them to be more sustainable, both environmentally and economically.
  3. Low-Code and No-Code Software
    “As the name suggests, low-code and no-code are software-developing techniques that rely on visual elements to build software, such as dragging and dropping. While you shouldn’t expect code-based software to go away anytime soon, low-code and no-code alternatives can drastically cut the time needed to develop an app or software.”
  4. 5G Becoming Mainstream
    She notes that “the number of global 5G connections tripled to 670 million in 2021 and will reach a wider market within the next 12 months. In fact, you can expect full 5G coverage all over the US, with many more countries joining in the following years.”
  5. AI Everywhere
    She says we can now expect an explosion of AI-powered gadgets, apps, websites, and tools in 2022. “It’ll become harder to differentiate chatbots from human customer support agents. Also, future content recommendations on social media and streaming websites are likely to come from an AI rather than traditional data analysis.”
  6. Passwordless Authentication
    She sees a gradual shift towards passwordless authentication using mobile devices, tokens, and even biometrics almost everywhere because passwords are increasingly vulnerable.
  7. Virtual Fashion
    As AR technology improves and social media use increases, more people will invest in their posts, especially on Instagram and other social media platforms. So now, instead of spending thousands on the latest designer piece of clothing, companies are starting to sell luxury clothes that can only be seen in photographs.
  8. Virtual Reality for Everyone
    She believes that with more affordable technology, AI, and faster internet with 5G, Virtual Reality (VR) will become more widely available and more realistic than ever.” She says we’ll see “VR implemented in areas outside of entertainment. For example, researchers, students, and medical professionals can use VR to learn more about abstract and complex topics. Similarly, remote workers can use VR to partake in virtual meetings and participate in the work culture.”
    Jetruby helps clients apply the latest trends to their applications.

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