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The Great Tech Divide: Why Employers and Employees Are Split

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This article sponsored by Paycomm makes a point we at JetRuby regularly reinforce with our clients. When designing any application, start with the employees.

Chances are, if your technology project fails, it will be because employees or the regular users were not involved in its design.

In one study, the report states, “4 in 5 employees say tech helps them get more done faster. And just as many business executives agreed tech improves efficiency in a follow-up survey.”

But, “If everyone’s on the same page, enhancing workplaces should be easy, right? Not quite. Only 19% of leaders believe the tech they’ve purchased is being used to the fullest. Likewise, a staggering 77% of employees say they’re frustrated with outdated tech at work.”

The report correctly observes, “From the pace of digital transformation to the value of a better experience, employers and their workforces aren’t seeing eye to eye. And just introducing new tech without understanding what employees really need can lead to even more headaches. This tech misstep can harm satisfaction, engagement and even retention.”

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