The New Focus on the Human-Centric Organization Requires Enhanced Approach to HR Tech

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Interviewed in a recent article in Fortune by Aman Kidwai, HR Visionary Josh Bersin says “The big reset during the pandemic is this movement towards human-centered leadership, human-centered management, and valuing employees as assets, not just labor and expense…and that means empowerment, development and investment.”

In a report co-authored by HR management from Ford Motor Company, Uber, AstraZeneca, and Yum! Brands, Bersin says that “employee-first, or human-centered leadership represents a paradigm shift from the business-centered approach, which prioritized operational measures such as revenue, efficiency, and customer data.” The authors also wrote that this approach allows companies to adapt and innovate better.

The report’s four authors and eleven collaborators—including reportedly researchers, HR leaders and other executives from companies like—assert that “change management needs to be part of the business strategy itself” and that “employees have the answers to most problems” across a wide range of topics including diversity, equity and inclusion, remote work, wellbeing, and organizational design.

The report notes that technology will play “a critical role in HR transformation as board leaders consider the future of their company’s talent agenda. This includes better data and analytic capabilities as well as tools and software to enable feedback, collaboration, rewards programs, smarter recruiting, and learning and development.”

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