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Tim Hammerich of AgInfo Sees Growing Focus on Animal Digital Monitoring

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Tim Hammerich of Aginfo Sees Growing Focus on Animal Digital Monitoring…
In his “Farm of the Future Report,” Hammerich writes that “there are actually some very interesting animal related technologies developing as well.

Merck Animal Health Ventures team lead Stephen Murray is seeing a shift toward digital monitoring. Hammerich quotes Murray: “In each species we see clear value around monitoring. And that’s our sort of core proposition. But that’s going to be in partnership. You’re going to be in an ecosystem. You’re not on your own. And the ecosystem is what we’re seeing as a lot of interest by it might be retailers wanting to utilize or tap into your monitoring as something that adds value to their brand.”

These monitoring systems provide a base layer of data that will be helpful for future innovation. Similar to crops, carbon is also a hot topic.

Murray thinks we’re still in the very early innings of innovation for animal agriculture.

So do we at JetRuby Agency. We’re here to show how to create viable, testable solutions with a clear return-on-investment.

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