Virtual Reality Takes Hold in Corporate Training: Josh Bersin

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HR visionary Josh Bersin reports recently that virtual reality is becoming a reality in corporate training.

And by the way, he writes, “VR is also a recruiting tool. Now that every retailer, healthcare company, and distribution business is struggling to find people, why not use ‘VR Training Featured Here’ to attract people to your company? @Walmart’s experience with VR proved it was one of the most fun and engaging parts of work for many of its employees.”

He cites some some compelling statistics from STRIVR:

• Over 1.5M individual learner sessions conducted in VR to date,
• Over 1M employees (individual learners) trained in VR to date,
• STRIVR now has more than 125 employees (and hiring!),
• Bank of America bringing VR training to 50,000 employees across nearly 4,300 financial centers nationwide.
• MGM Resorts initially trained 450 employees across Las Vegas, Michigan, and New Jersey resort locations as they “bring back the workforce”.

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