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What ServiceNow’s Acquisition Strategy Tells Us About HR Priorities

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HR Executive writer Phil Albinus believes the acquisition by ServiceNow of skills solution provider Hitch Works indicates that HR technology companies are betting that upskilling and the internal marketplace will remain vital to HR leaders—even as economists express concerns about a looming economic recession.

He reports that “HCM solution provider ServiceNow bought Hitch for an undisclosed sum for its AI-powered, skills-mapping and intelligence offerings, which ServiceNow has not previously provided in its Now platform,” according to Gretchen Alarcon, Vice President and General Manager of HR Service Delivery for ServiceNow, whom he quotes.

“Everybody needs to care about talent development and retention, and the key to that is being able to understand how an employee’s skills can impact the business,” she is quoted as saying.

Hitch reportedly will “help customers address talent gaps by tying employee learning and development to workforce planning.”

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