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There has never been a better time to have a website that sells. And you’ve come to the right place. We offer full-featured web and mobile development of Ruby on Rails based E-commerce solutions using Shopify, Spree Commerce and Solidus according to both generally accepted code and online store functionality standards and requirements. Adaptive design will make your website client-attractive and help it get higher up in search results.



Whether it is a newly-designed online marketing product or an online store functionality, we are great on implementing technologies from all over the world: specials and discounts management, online expertise (real-time feedback); synchronization of stock related data with the depot-handling system; management roles division (administrator, manager, marketing expert, content manager, call-center, courier etc.), client roles division (common user, regular client, dealer, wholesaler etc.); “abandoned cart” (receiving letters about an unfinished purchase); newsletters for regular clients; payment systems connection; goods comparison modules based on specifications; cross-selling, recommended and related goods provision using BigData analysis of behavioral factors in E-commerce; shipping cost calculation based on weight, parameters, distance; automated tax calculation; returns and warranty management; SSL traffic encryption; partner and referral programs.



JetRuby team has great experience in integrating SAP Business One system using SAP Data Interface API and SAP Data Interface Server, as well as implementing one's own synchronization units through limited store database access and consistent data provision for any SAP needs depending on customer requirements to the data. Third-party applications and services integration (Amazon Marketplace, Amazon S3, Mailchimp, Mandrill, Fosdick, Twilio, Zendesk, and many others). We can also provide an integration with any services with minimum set of documentation or common format requests/answers examples.



Above all things we want our clients to be sure that their products work properly. This aspect includes: AJAX based page load optimization, search queries and filters optimization aimed to work with ElasticSearch, code optimization (in case if the previous team failed to provide proper code quality), database optimization and consistency, advanced indexing etc.


Online Marketing And Analytics

We understand business and so can provide you with all necessary for your website to succeed online: Google Analytics Tools installation and adjustment (Google Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce; FB Marketing, FB Business Manager, Granify, Segment, Mixpanel, Heap).



Rest easy knowing professional DevOps and developers are ready to solve server and client side related problems 24 hours a day, including hacking and harmful user actions. Servers optimization and maintenance during peak loading comes easy to us, as well as data backup and server migration (e.g. from Heroku or AWS to custom or more available ones). Required infrastructure deployment, including shared (segmented or clustering) server architecture development to maintain continuous operation of high-loaded applications and systems.

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Additional Services

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Online store optimization according to the search systems requirements suitable for manual mode maintenance by an administrator (or a manager) of the site.


Business Intelligence

We have an OSINT tool for competitive intelligence and regular thematic content updates through the prices and content web-parsing system organization, specifying dedicated open source resources.


Consulting & Designing

JetRuby provides additional services in fully documented application designing, marketing actions and full branding (including corporate style and brand book development) planning.

Our projects

Saffron Cooks


ReactJS, Ruby on Rails 4.2+, Spree Commerce 3.1 API, Sidekiq

Saffron Cooks - premium quality food delivery in Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy various fresh chef-made meals delivered right to your door.


Ruby on Rails 4.1+, Spree Commerce 2.4+, MySQL, Sidekiq, Mandrill & Mailchimp, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Designed to simplify makeup routine for women, treStique offers multi-functional, 2-in-1 tools you can take wherever you go.


Ruby on Rails 4.1+, Spree Commerce 2.3, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

dotSports is an online sports store where you can find all the necessary equipment to play football, tennis, and hockey. There, you can also buy swimming, boxing, running, and fitness gear as well as bicycles of many sorts.


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