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MVP development is a science!

We study your project under a microscope to bring the best of your idea
to the market FAST

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Our clients

More than 40% of our clients have chosen us as their technology partners.

Speed and Quality of MVP development directly affects

Project Timeline


Quite often, it takes too much of it.

The success of your business

We have spent a total of

1600 hours

perfecting our MVP development process

and here is the result

Time to market

Faster 86%

Number of MVP iterations

Less 63%

MVP to Full-scale product

Faster 41%

We offer a FREE App Idea workshop
as the first step of your Rapid MVP development.

Business-analyst will audit your idea and you will get a professional second opinion on the quality of your planning.

Depending on your project needs,
we implement


Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Business Model Canvas

Business Evolution Canvas

PESTLE Analysis


CATWOE analysis

5 WHYs

Product Functional Requirements

User Story Map

Use Case Modelling

MoSCoW method

UX Flowcharts

Entity Relationship Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

Business Process Model

Business Logic Description

Non-functional Requirements

Non-functional Requirement Analysis

Fishbone Diagram


Technical Requirements

System Layers

Crosscutting concerns

Infrastructure & deployment

Scaling and Security considerations

Celebrating our 11th anniversary.

Only in October App Idea Audit workshop & Code Audit are FREE

Business-analyst will Audit your App Idea and you will get a professional second opinion on the quality of your planning.

We analyze your source code to eliminate bugs, security breaches, and other errors.

Amazing projects we built

Since 2010, we've successfully implemented 160+ applications for industries like E-Commerce,
the Internet of Things, Digital music distribution, E-Learning, and many more.


Sortly is the #1 inventory app for the iOS platform that enables you to visually track all your possessions.

  • 4.7⭐ rating, 6.2k reviews on Apple Store

  • 300,000+ downloads on Google Store

  • Backed by Phase4, Lombardstreet Ventures,
    Shamrock, Y Media Labs

sortly App development company


Unique web application that offers a simple yet very effective solution to the ubiquitous and common problem of mispronouncing names.

  • Raised $3 000 000 Seed round

  • Partnership with Stanford University

  • Backed by The MBA Fund, TXV Partners, Authentic Ventures



Cronycle is a powerful web app that takes the noise of mass media and provides users with only the content that matters to them most.

  • Raised $2 600 000

  • Backed by Andurance Ventures

  • Expert-led curation across 80,000 topics for greater depth and relevance

web development company

Free For Startups:

Business-analyst will Audit your App Idea
and you will get a professional second
opinion on the quality of your planning.

For Enterprises:

In need of a Dedicated team
of top-notch developers or MVP needs to be done quickly?

Our Expertise

Based on years of experience in multiple industries and deep understanding of business needs.

Ruby on Rails

React JS







React Native

Spree Commerce


Dedicated team

For growing businesses which struggle with managing their own teams efficiently and need fast project delivery.


Rapid custom development using modern technologies for clients who want to quickly market-proof their business idea.


Rapid custom development using modern technologies for clients who want to quickly market-proof their business idea.

mobile dev

Mobile Development

For clients who are looking to create beautiful mobile app experiences that users will love and recommend to their friends.


Infrastructure & AWS

For clients who need to maximize the performance of their current AWS infrastructure or build one from scratch.


For clients who are looking to implement and/or support complex and reliable platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get to see your complete product, first, you need to develop an MVP, to test whether your idea is suitable for the market demands. However, no one stops you from gathering the necessary capital and developing the digital app you want. On the other hand, you can complete the path to your digital solution via separate phases by testing each aspect of your product and understanding your product’s future vision. In both situations, you might realize that the application you wanted for so long is just not worth pursuing anymore – the difference is that in the second scenario, you will still have a solid amount of your capital to pursue another idea.

Compared to the standard prototypes, an MVP is a functional product with a limited set of critical features. It does function properly and is already giving value to your potential users. It is your first version of a future product developed to test whether it will suit the market demands and whether the regular users can convert into customers by purchasing your services.

Based on our past projects and our clients’ experience, we suggest that the budget limit for your idea should be around $40,000. At the same time, the production timeline limit of an MVP can be up to 3 months. Within the estimated time and budget, you can achieve a valuable product and start generating your first revenue from the very first batch of users.

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