HealthCare App is not just a medical app, it's a smart solution that allows saving time and money for patients. Here are some of it's most notable features.

How does it work?

Instant help

Thanks to the rich functionality and a user-friendly interface of our mobile health app, you can easily find a specialist that will be applied personally to you. Search for doctors by specialty or name if you know exactly what specialist you need.

The healthcare mobile app has also a real-time map. Thanks to the integration of mapping and geolocation services, you can easily find doctors that are nearby.
A number of useful filters were developed to help you find a specialist even faster. We developed a custom form of communication to make the communication even simpler and effective.
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healthcare mobile app
Building a mobile health app it's vital to ensure maximum protection of sensitive data. The healthcare mobile app application we built is fully compliant with HIPAA.

Transaction and Code Sets Standards.HealthCare App follows standard mechanisms for electronic data interchange when processing or submitting insurance claims.HIPAA privacy rule. The app fully complies with the national standards for protecting patients' health information.HIPAA Security Rule.The security rule is a set standards that esure data security of the patients who use HealthCare App.

Quick access

There's no need to spend hours and hours of trying to find a prescription or any kind of other documents. Instead, store everything in your app with a permanent access to it.

We also implemented push notifications so that you won't forget about your meeting to a doctor.
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We developed an app that allows finding a necessary specialist without spending extra money. It's reliable, secure and easy to use. No need to go to the hospital to make an appointment. Now you have the Healthcare - your personal assistant that will allow you to get instant health guidance and find a specialist you need.


3.5 years

We've been exceeding our client's expectations for more than three years now.
8x growth

Since we released the first version of the mobile app, the number of its users has grown eightfold.
5 people

The mobile app development team consists of three developers, one designer and one project manager.
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