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Agritech app development company -JETRUBY.

We help your agriculture ecosystem unlock its potential and turn it into a dynamic agritech enterprise.

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We present our Ai & ML Farming Management System

The Jetruby FMS is a highly customisable AI & ML platform that will be expertly tailored to solve your specific needs.

Accurate Planning & Forecasting
with AI & ML systems

Save on Inputs
with Irrigation & Fertilisation precision

Improve Yields
with optimised Water, Fertiliser, & Soil management

Increase Herd Output & Pregnancy Rate
with Smart monitoring

Save on Labour
with Automation & Control

Accurate Planning & Forecasting
with AI & ML systems

Save on inputs
with Irrigation & Fertilisation precision

Improve yields
with optimised Water, Fertiliser, & Soil management

Increase herd output & pregnancy rate
with Smart monitoring

Save on labour
with Automation & Control

Main steps

Cultivate your digital product.

We are not just developers, but also business analysts and agriculture partners.

01 — 04

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Data gathering and analysis

Get the most out of the top-end technology by collecting and analyzing the data about the livestock and field conditions. You can plan your own production smarter with integrated data analytics. This way you can back up your crop yield.

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Quality of your product

Timely predictions of the production process and smart management of your crop reserves ensure a higher quality of your harvest and livestock.

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You can automate almost anything to boost your revenues and save valuable time. AgriTech automates complex and time-consuming activities associated with seasonal planning and monitoring.

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Production control

Use our management tools and proper planning in order to correctly manage and maintain your essential stocks like fuel, fertilizers, seeds, chemicals and all of the other necessary components!

What we offer

What we can do for you

We make your product simple and stable with these opportunities.

Weather Data

Monitoring and processing the data from Sencrop, Darksky, and various other technologies that we operate daily.

IoT Solutions

Building various alerts & notifications systems, along with LTE NB-IoT MQTT Connections. We do provide every technology you need.

Satellite & Drones

Enhancing the efficiency of your work through automation, reducing people's work.

Farm Maps

Constructing the automatic maps for your crop fields with your historical data, visualization, and analysis processes.

Our cases

Building ideas for your needs.

We discuss all opportunities, while you make a choice.

OSRAM Farming

Unique IoT-based solution for vertical farms management for crops growing automation.


Ultimate supply chain and logistics management solution for enterprise.

How we work

Visualising our processes.

Your idea starts now, without any delays or unnecessary paperwork.

01 — 02

code development

Code Review

If you have a codebase of you own, we do estimate the costs and scale the approximate team accordingly.

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Define & Estimate tasks

All of the business & technical questions will be carefully examined and estimated within the first week.

03 — 04

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Getting the feedback & setting the proposal

While staying constantly in touch with you, we prepare all documents for you describing and discussing all terms and conditions.

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Downpayment with your team

Once the initial payment is recieved, we proceed to assign the people on-demand as the project is growing

The AgriTech solutions we build

Assisting stakeholders to increase yield and improve profitability.


Indoor vertical farming.

By applying data visualisation, MASH networks and a whole wide range of other technologies, we strive to build an effective system for indoor farm industruies. JetRuby engineers are excelled in flexible architechture systems specialised to integrate solutions with SaaS platforms for data-driven decisions.

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Crop Fields Solutions.

We do develop farm applications that allow stakeholders a complete and yet simple control over field management, accounting, machine maintenance, crop management and many more.


Animal Husbandry Technologies.

Our team always build a simple and a singular system that is able to track, collect and analyse the healthcare processes of your animal husbandry. We also produce an autonomous AI system that analyses the animal crop disease outbreaks.

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We work with

The companies that are confident in us.

We bond together to make a solid result.

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Talk to our team

After you fill out this from, one of our client success managers will contact you within 24 hours. We have three types of notifications set to make sure your message is received.

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