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React Native App Development Services

JetRuby is the industry’s top React Native app development company that provides result-oriented, custom, and successful mobile solutions for your business worldwide.

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We are trusted because we are the best at what we do. Our clients’ success proves this.

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React Native app development company
react native app development company

Our clients

High-functioning apps for your business with React Native app development services

Grow your business and achieve your goals fast and easily with our React Native app development service!

React Native app development

JetRuby React Native development company can deliver React Native mobile apps from scratch or add the framework to your existing application.

React Native consultation

Our React Native developers can discuss your product vision, analyze it, and find the best way to develop the React Native framework to fit your business goals.

Support & Maintenance

Our React development company provides continuous technical support and maintenance services to our clients during and after the app development. We constantly monitor the system to ensure rapid fixing of issues and high app performance.

Our success stories: React Native applications

Check out these awesome apps we built for our clients to solve real-life and business challenges.

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Healthcare App



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Healthcare App

In a few weeks, we developed a feature-rich React Native app that provides patients with high-quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost. The application combines super-intuitive navigation for patients and robust analytics to optimize healthcare expenditures for hospitals and patients. Patients can also chat with their doctors in real-time.

As a result, a team of two JavaScript developers built a mobile app for Healthcare that was successfully released to the market. Our React Native app development service allowed the client to save time and money for marketing the app. The future has come. With telemedicine, there's no need to go to a doctor. You can talk to a specialist anytime and anywhere.

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Diamond Trading App



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Diamond Trading App

Diamond Trading App is the first diamond and elite jewellery auction house based in South Asia. Our goal was to create a cross-platform mobile application to hold auctions for both houses — from start to finish of an auction.

To create a mobile app both for iOS and Android, we used React Native. This helped our client reach a wider audience, attracting more users from the very beginning. We also used Bootstrap and Ruby on Rails for building the web version of the app. Briefly, our team has developed a fast and delay-free app capable of handling 10k+ auctions simultaneously. Our impact: we have developed a full-featured, user-friendly, and smooth React Native application to hold diamond auctions from scratch.

Why should you choose React Native?

Looking for the best mobile solution for both iOS and Android?
Then React Native is the perfect option for you to save both time and money.

Reactive development

Write the React Native code once, and you can use it on all platforms without any extra tweaks. Add new features or apply changes on the fly without recompiling the code or restarting the application.

A true budget-saver

One of the best advantages of React development services is its affordability. Saving time on coding + saving time on product updates = a larger budget for marketing.

One team for all platforms

The entire development process is based on a single programming language - JavaScript. This means you need only one team to build an app for all platforms.

The best solution for MVP

Cheaper development means you can test your business model without investing many resources in it. What's more, a faster development process will allow you to see the results after a few iterations.

Start building your React Native App with us

Our React Native team is ready to develop an app from scratch or add the framework to your application!

React Native vs. Native languages

Choosing the right platform may be tough, especially if you're building your first app.
Here are the main points to consider.


React Native


Result-oriented React Native app development services

JetRuby is committed to creating high-quality React Native mobile apps.
For that reason, we take a thorough yet personal approach to app development so that every client ends up satisfied.

Our clients

Industry Expertise

JetRuby is committed to developing products of varying complexities according to the best practices and specifics of multiple industries. Our expertise in various niche markets keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industries. Check out the branches we have perfected our experiences for.

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Social Media

Real Estate

Food delivery



Taxi booking








We have extensive first-hand experience developing cutting-edge HIPPA-compliant, EHR, EMR, ERX, HCRM custom solutions. It allows us to save a lot of time and money for our new clients.


We develop custom, profitable solutions that can easily handle any flow of customers and provide stable business growth.


JetRyby’s marketplace solution OzMarkt allows you to build a fully custom marketplace with the features you need, making it a huge budget-saver for startups and small businesses.


JetRyby’s marketplace solution OzMarkt allows you to build a fully custom marketplace with the features you need, making it a huge budget-saver for startups and small businesses.

Social Media

•Social media apps
•SM Publishing & Scheduling Platforms
•Messaging Apps
•Video-based Networks
•Social Network Analytic Tools
•Online Reviews and Polling

Real Estate

Grow your real estate business with a custom digital solution built by Jetruby experts.

Food delivery

Now is a good time to lunch your on demand delivery app.We’ve built several apps in this field. So we’ll develop yours faster and cheaper.


•Vehicle Location tracking
•Route Optimization
•Vehicle Management
•Nearest Gas Station
•Mechanical Support
•Merchants Real-time Notifications


•Banking Apps
•Investment Apps
•Insurance Apps
•Digital Wallet Apps

Taxi booking

•Taxi Business apps
•Taxi Business for Corporations
•Car Rental apps
•Air Taxi apps


Optimize your farming processes with our industry-specific expertise.
•Weather Data
•Farm Maps
•Satellite & Drones
•IoT Solutions


•Flawless Registration Process
•Engagement Features
•Listings and Schedules
•Event Feed Optimization
•Search and Categories
•Events Tracking


•Multiple purchase options
•Quick, problem-free purchasing
•Track and show inventory
•Personalized customers’ experience
•Supply chain management
•Customer behavior analysis


•Project planning
•Task time tracking
•Notifications and reminders


Diet and Nutrition apps, Workout and Personal trainer apps, Meditation and yoga apps, Activity tracking apps
We’ve done it all. 


•Travel Itinerary Generator
•Geo-Tracking Services
•Weather or Climate Forecasting
•Location-Based Emergency Services
•Currency Converter
•In-App Language Translator

Our Services

Technology Expertise

A properly chosen tech stack determines the functionality and success of your product. We leverage the latest technology stacks, various programming languages, and proven platforms to build your product. JetRuby is an acclaimed expert in Ruby & Ruby on Rails and is perfectly fluent in all technologies that you see on the list.

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Ruby on Rails

60 projects

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React Js

50 projects

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20 projects

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25 projects

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React Native

30 projects

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15 projects

Kubernetes Development company

20 projects

Aws support

5 projects

Kotlin Development company jetruby

15 projects

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Spree commerce

10 projects


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Our services are trusted by hundreds of businesses among enterprises, startups, and media corporations, such as Financial Times. Read stories from our satisfied customers and find out how JetRuby’s assistance facilitated their digital transformation. 

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