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React Native App Development company on Budget and Time

We will save your time and money on building a competitive mobile MVP for both platforms with our React Native app development company.

Why React Native?

React Native allows you to focus on growing your business by saving resources on building apps for both mobile platforms.

react native app development company

Reactive development

Write the React Native code once and you can use it on all platforms without any extra tweaks. Add new features or apply changes on the fly without recompiling the code or restarting the application.

react native development company

A true budget-saver

One of the crucial advantage of React native app development is the significantly lower cost of building an app. Saving time on coding + saving time on product updates = more budget for marketing.

react native app development service

One team for all platforms

The entire development process is based on a single programming language - JavaScript. This means you need only one team to build an app for all platforms.

react agency

Best solution for MVP

Cheaper development means you can test your business model without investing much resources in it. What's more, a faster development process will allow you to see the results after a few iterations.

React Native vs Native Languages

Deciding which platform to go for may be a tough choice, especially if you're building your first app. Here are the main points to consider.

React Native
Reusable code base
Better marketing opportunities
Same-looking UI
Full hardware utilization
Sophisticated design
Can be used offline

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React Native App Development Case Studies

Some of the React Native apps we built with love for our clients from four continents of the world!

healthcare react native app

Healthcare App

In a few weeks, we developed a feature-rich React Native app that provides patients with high-quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost. The application combines super-intuitive patient navigation and robust analytics to optimize healthcare expenditures for both hospitals and patients. Patients can also chat with their doctors in real-time.

As a result, a team of two JavaScript developers built a mobile app for Healthcare that was successfully released to the market. React Native app development allowed the client save time and budget for marketing the app. The future has come. There's no need to go to a doctor, talk to a specialist with telemedicine anytime and anywhere.


PhotoReport is a user-friendly mobile application built with React Native that allows you to make photos of traffic accidents, create photo reports in either PDF or .doc, and send them by email to the insurance company. The application supports both keyboard input and voice-to-text, so you can add a description to each photo effortlessly.

Photo reports are stored in the cloud until the project is deleted manually from your account. So even if your smartphone is lost, you can pick up where you left off. For businesses, PhotoReport allows for unlimited company profiles with custom logos. Our impact: we built a React Native app that allows drivers save time on filling out insurance reports, making the process more efficient. You can find the app on App Store and Google Play.

photoreport cross platform app
diamond trading mobile app

Diamond Trading App

Diamond Trading App is the first diamond and elite jewellery auction house based in South Asia. Our goal was to create a cross-platform mobile application for both platforms to hold auctions - starting from when an auction is created to the point when it's finished.

To create a mobile app both for iOS and Android we used React Native. This helped our client reach a wider audience, attracting more users from the very beginning. We also used Bootstrap and Ruby on Rails for building the web version of the app. Briefly, our team has developed a fast and delay-free app capable of handling 10k+ auctions simultaneously. Our impact: we have developed a full-featured, user-friendly and smooth React Native application to hold diamond auctions from scratch.

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