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We provide eCommerce app development services for companies around the world with the support of startups to help them increase conversion rates and profits.

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eCommerce App Development Services

eCommerce apps connect brands with a much wider customer base.
Go global with a user-centric mobile eCommerce app.
Start your eCommerce journey with JetRuby, or transform a current eCommerce app that doesn’t bring results.


eCommerce app development consulting will answer several key questions:
Who is this app for?
What do your customers want?
How can we help you attract more customers with an eCommerce app?
How can this app give them the value they want?

eCommerce App UI/UX Design

JetRuby designers, experienced in UI/UX user-centric design solutions, focus on creating what customers want and need.

eCommerce app development is your key to a smooth and easy-to-navigate customer interface across every platform you’d like to engage users.

eCommerce App Development

eCommerce application development includes the end-to-end full-service design and building solutions.

Our highly experienced team creates customized solutions every time, always aiming to meet or exceed expectations, delivering on time and budget

eCommerce App Maintenance

As you get more customers using the app, data will show you how to make improvements, and the ways you can increase conversion rates.
Our eCommerce development solution includes everything from basic maintenance to upgrades, updates, and new feature releases

eCommerce Application Development Case Studies

Take a look at several amazing eCommerce Apps that clients and customers love, helping them solve real-world business challenges, supporting growth goals, and driving new higher conversion rates.

Saffron Cooks

  • Checkout Process Optimization
  • Quick Orders Section
  • Implemented Smooth UX

Saffron Cooks is a premium eCommerce food delivery service that provides a restaurant-like dining experience. Saffron Cooks offers a wide range of chef-made meals that can be delivered directly to customers.


  • Integration with Avatax API from scratch
  • Implemented Landed Cost functionality
  • System that can calculate VAT

GlowForge™ is a leading manufacturer and provider of laser cutting equipment; also known as 3D Laser Printer. GlowForge is known for having the most successful crowdfunding campaign in the history of Kickstarter.


  • Support the Arabic language
  • Possibility of online ordering
  • Customer service call-center

A complex digital solution for the e-commerce business, that allows you to order goods online and have them quickly delivered to your doors.

Accelerate your food business right now!

eCommerce app development makes a huge difference to a brand’s top and bottom-line revenues. Make products easier to find, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty when you build an online store and mobile eCommerce app.

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