JetRuby Brand Guide

We want the media, our partners, and clients to have easy access to JetRuby brand assets and be able to use them consistently. Please feel free to utilize our logos, fonts, and brand colors, along with the recommendations and rules provided below, to represent our brand vibrantly and accurately.


Horizontal (standard)

We highly recommend using our logo in a horizontal layout. Kindly keep it free of any visual effects or filters and consider indents. Do not place it next to any other elements, logos, or text. The logo protection zone should be equal to the height of the logo.

logo jetruby colored development
logo jetruby white development

Vertical (alternative)

For those exceptional cases when the main horizontal layout is inapplicable, you may use an alternative vertically aligned logo. The logo protection zone in this case will remain the same—1x logo height.




Smashing Pumpkins



255, 86, 29

0%, 76%, 87%, 0%


Opacity 80%



Opacity 60%



Opacity 40%



Opacity 20%


Orange Peel
Blueberry Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Cornflower Blue

Simple rules to follow

By using JetRuby trademarks, logos, or any other brand assets described in this guide you automatically consent to follow these rules.

JetRuby Agency Ltd retains any and all rights to modify this guide at its sole discretion at any time.

You may use JetRuby brand assets for non-commercial purposes. Otherwise please contact us to negotiate the terms

Keep all listed JetRuby brand assets free of any visual effects, filters or distortions

Don't use brand items in unauthorized mentions of JetRuby with other entities

Avoid using JetRuby brand assets in the content that may be deemed disparaging

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