Jetruby agency is consistent with the latest internationally recognized HR standards
ISO 30414 Human Capital Management
and ISO 10018 People Engagement.

Jetruby agency is the first App development company in the world to publish
a comprehensive human capital report.

Our core business strategy is to help companies create software applications
that delight their customers by engaging the world’s top talent in software development.

We openly publish this report to transparently demonstrate to all stakeholders
the strategies and metrics we use to fulfill our promises.

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The contents of this human capital report have been verified
by David Simmonds, CEO of HCM Metrics, a certified ISO 30414 expert.

We continuously invest in top engineering talent and It's a great contribution to our customers’ success.

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Our customers enjoy vast workforce availability and get top engineering teams on demand

The shortage of skilled engineers is currently a crucial matter for any tech company. But not for us.
Our headcount is growing at a rate of 100% per year and we always have a reserve for our clients and new projects.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Fostering future talent
We teach at universities and conduct internal academies since 2016.
It allows us to consistently acquire future talent.
In combination with continuous internal talent development it covers up to 50% of our staffing needs.

Continuous internal development
We implement a system of reinforced training programs with individual mentors, it results in 78% of our developers
increasing their grades annually. It allows us to provide our customers with highly skilled and constantly developing
middle and senior engineers.

We hire remotely worldwide
We do not have regional or demographic restrictions and acquire top talent internationally.
Our competence is highly appreciated by the engineering community. We have been an active member
of RubyGems and GitHub since 2017 with about 11 million downloads of our code pieces.
This makes us an attractive employer for engineering professionals.

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Our customers get the best industry-focused solutions.

We focus on strong expertise in the business domains of our clients to provide the best industry-focused solutions.
This includes significant people training to acquire the top level of industry skills.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We obtain expertise via case studies and dedicate up to 16 hours/month of obligatory training per engineer
to deepen their expertise in 10 business domains of our clients, such as:
AgriTech|On-demand Delivery|Real Estate

Finance|Marketplace|AgriTech On-demand Delivery|Real Estate

We have 10+ years of experience, clients from 24 countries and a significant number of successful cases in targeted business domains. Have a look at our referrals of clients on Clutch and at the case section of our web-site (Namecoach, Move, Anova, Healthcare project under NDA, etc).

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Our customers obtain a long-term partner focused on their business needs.

We measure our success by the happiness of our clients and their customers. We do our best so that they enjoy the full benefits
of our product because we’ve thoroughly considered their needs. This is attained through strong company culture focusing on partnerships, client engagement, and client happiness.

How does it work?

How does it work?

9.1 out of 10 - employees rate how deeply they are engaged
and share the company's mission & values.

34% of our people actively use our referral program
to recommend their acquaintances to join the company.

42% of clients are with us > 2 years,
most of our new sales happen via referrals.

Our eNPS is 36% and our NPS = 44.2%,
which is considered a great result
according to the OfficeVibe approach.

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Our expertise in HR app development
delivers great results to us and our clients.

Human Resources application

We are experts. We have over 10 years of experience in developing various mobile and web applications for HR.

Our cases: Universum, HelloCecil, ERP.Core, etc.

Optimization of internal HR business processes and automation

We have automated our HR processes and HR metrics.
If you have a similar need, we are ready to help.

Let’s discuss the latest trends
and share information about HR practices

We are ready to share our ISO audit and public reporting experience,
as well as our expertise in mastering HR processes and analytics according to the latest internationally recognized standards.

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