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As a retail store owner, you have many things to worry about, starting with sales and finishing the marketing. As a leading retail app development company, JetRuby will simplify your life to let you reach your customers wherever they are. We are here to improve your retail process and increase your sales with our retail mobile application.

Benefits for your business

Conversion rate growth

Using machine learning, we personalize your customers' experience to increase your sales and purchases.

Supply chain management

We provide solutions to improve the process of buying & selling automation as well as inventory management.

Customer behavior analysis

Our app will analyze your customers' behavior to provide you with buying trends and accurate insights.

Increasing the numbers of consumers

The rich functionality of our retail app will allow you to attract more consumers and boost revenues.

Must-have features

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Personalized experience

To increase your business' revenues, your app needs to take into account the personalized experience of each user. This means the application learns the user's buying preferences and provides suggestions related to the user's tastes. Additionally, this data can be used to maintain a suitable level of stock of popular products.

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Built with security in mind

When it comes to mobile apps, impulse buys are the most important advantage for retailers. It's important to make sure the customer is flawlessly led through the purchase process. In case a customer faces some bug during the purchase process, the frustration may override his willingness to buy.

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User-friendly interface

User Interface represents your business face. This is the very first point of interaction for a mobile app user, where he decides whether he wants to continue with your brand or not. As a retail app development company, we keep the UX simple and not overload it with the information.

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Enterprise support

High-security of the customer's data is something that can not be ignored. Your app must be reliable and your customers shouldn't be afraid that their information will fall into the wrong hands.

our experience

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Implemented referral and loyalty programs + brand promotion
Implemented functionality for discount coupons, bonus deposits for invited friends and newsletters.

Reduced ownership costs
Moved from paid third-party services to free custom solutions.

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