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Welcome to the JetRuby blog! Here you can find various articles that cover both web and app development topics for startups and even more!

jetruby how to succeed may 2022
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4 Reasons HR Tech Projects Fail and How to Succeed

“HR technology solutions often promise the moon, but the reality is that many HR tech projects are likely to crash to Earth. The numbers don’t lie: An estimated 42% of HR tech projects fail after two years, according to industry experts.”

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jetruby agtech can help make the planet greener may 2022
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Agtech Can Help Make the Planet Greener

In this World Economic Forum article, Philip Meissner, Professor at the ESCP Business School, Founder & Director European Center for Digital Competitiveness, asserts that new green tech, from vertical farming to 3D printing and plant-based meat, can reduce our environmental footprint while enabling sustainable growth.

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