Why Spree Commerce?

Spree Commerce is a robust platform and cost efficient solution that perfectly suits the business needs.


Built with Ruby on Rails

Spree Commerce is built with Ruby on Rails, which is known for its mind-boggling development speed and stability. Combined with Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce enables developers create beautiful Ecommerce apps that are user-friendly both for the business owners who manage them and customers themselves.



Spree Commerce is a cutting-edge framework that was built with scalability in mind. Since it's open-source, the traffic will be continuously growing along with the shop itself. Spree Commerce is capable of supporting tens of thousands of products with impeccable website performance and insignificant increase in the response time.


Powerful extensions for growth

As a store owner, you'll probably want your store to have some additional extra-features that differ from the standard ones provided by the default settings of the theme. Spree has plenty of various extensions that will allow you to make your shop unique.


Ultimate mobile experience

Having a mobile-friendly website is must-need. Using Spree, it's super easy to implement responsive design elements as well as optimize the site on small handheld devices. Since smartphones have limited processing power, websites that designed using Spree are better on performance and battery consumption.

Spree Commerce Development Case Studies

Take a loook at some of the online shops that we built using Spree Commerce.


trèStiQue is a unique solution in the world of beauty. Using the cutting-edge technologies along with the Spree, we successfully improved the product. Among the improvements were the following:

  • Abandoned Cart integration.
  • Integrating Granify for attracting more customers and providing a better buying experience.
  • Improving the checkout procedure by enhancing User Experience for one-page checkout.
  • Reducing ownership costs by moving from third-party services to free custom solutions.

Additionally, we refactored the back-end of the project in order to avoid any issues with implementing new functionality in the future. To avoid any financial losses.

People Power

Created by an IoT manufacturer, MyPlace is an online store for distributors to sell handpicked, secure IoT tech for smart homes.

For implementing the project successfully, we combined a complex project management approach along with the cutting-edge tech stack.

We successfully implemented all type of payments. Whenever writing off from an account, the system uses certain algorithms to calculate taxes.

Additionally, were integrated Braintree payment gateway, MyPlace's database with the database of People Power.

Deep Monitor

Deep Monitor is a unique web application aimed to protect users privacy online. The system allows finding out whether users personal data is compromised and exposed on the Dark Web.

Based on the Spree Commerce, Deep Monitor is great in terms of scalability, ease of customization, maintenance, and security.

It uses complex algorithms and crawls the Dark Web in search of any mentions of the sensitive data such as phone number, credit card accounts, etc. and notifies if any matches are found. If so, the application conveniently outputs the results in a user-friendly admin panel.

Saffron Cooks

Saffron Cooks is a premium food delivery service with a restaurant-like dining experience. The website offers a plethora of chef-made meals that can be delivered right to the door.

We kicked off with making a one-page checkout procedure and integrating Braintree's API into the website. Credit cards are now automatically saved into the payment processing system.

We also introduced a loyalty program and developing new "gift-card" feature as well as email and SMS notification features and implemented the long-anticipated "delivery on-demand" feature.

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