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The process
Getting the Product Vision
At this stage, our mission is to get a comprehensive vision of the project. This involves understanding the product's advantage according to its competitors and determining the end-users' needs. We don't discuss «‎What» should be built but «‎For Whom» it needs to be built and «‎What value it would provide for users».
Visualizing the Idea
The second stage implies visualizing the development process. By this, we make a thorough design of a user story map. The user story map illustrates the users flow and gives a high level overview of the users path. The results of this step will be used on the next stage when building a prototype of the product.
At prototyping stage, we start making designs but only at the structural level - wireframing. Simply put, wireframe is a one-page design with user needs and user journeys. Wireframing is a basic structure of a page before the content and a visual design.
Development,Testing, Maintenance
Our development process is iterations-like so that we deliver and increment at the end of each sprint cycle.
Our QA engineers team is responsible for keeping track of all the items, which are planned for each sprint cycle, their progress and the testing status in a comprehensive sprint report.
All the sprint reports are shared with the team members and clients to have complete visibility of the overall sprint's progress.
Having finished the product's development, we keep monitoring the software to make sure everything works properly.

Our tech stack
Ruby on Rails
For more than a decade, we've been using Ruby on Rails to build outstanding projects and save time and money on the development process.
NodeJS is the best choice when it comes to building high-performance and scalable web applications without saving on quality.
React Native
A super effective tool when it comes to developing a competitive MVP that allows hitting all platforms with a single shot.
With Elixir under the hood, we build powerful web applications that can handle millions of users with the highest performance.
Our Expertise
Sometimes, the figures speak for themselves. We have 90+ web development projects with more than 700.000+ users worldwide. Forbes talks about us and Yale and Stanford use our projects. We're doing the world better so do it with us!
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