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Software Development for Startups Takes Special Skills That We Have

JetRuby Agency was established as a startup and it took us time to expand the outreach, team, and structure. So we know intimately the struggles every startup goes through. Since then we’ve built apps for more than 100 startups. Our team helped them find this “lightbulb moment” and hit the market with a unique offering. Challenges, risks, and objectives of an emerging business require a different approach and proven methodology. We’ve shaped a tested roadmap and presented its major highlights below.

Software Development for Startups

Tested methodology

Our approach to creating successful startup apps

We offer our unique tested methodology which guarantees that your project will stay within the specified timeline, scope, and budget. You will get justified and transparent analysis-based estimates, outlining accurate delivery time and cost before the work is started.

Step 1

Design and Discovery


  1. Product vision canvas
  2. User Story Map
  3. Wireframes and mockups
  4. Functional Product Requirements
  5. Design system concept
  6. Tech Requirements for MVP

20-25 days


Depends on scope

D&D phase creates documented requirements that every developer MUST have to build the app you want on time, to specification, and on budget.

Do not trust those who quickly quote prices without investing time and effort into understanding your requirements. You will lose time and money!

Step 2

Minimal Viable Product


  1. Configured and deployed software ready for market testing
  2. Product technical documentation
  3. Custom User Interfaces for future implementation
  4. Software development plan for further development iterations

From 60 days


Depends on scope

The D&D phase completion provides everything for the rapid development of a Minimal Viable Product.

Step 3

Full-Scale Application


  1. We finalize the project’s requirements
  2. Assign a dedicated team of top-notch developers
  3. Build the App
  4. Thoroughly test App’s performance and design
  5. Deploy the App
  6. Fully support your App for 12 months

From 90 days


Depends on scope

MVP will validate your product idea.It is time to build a full-scale application.

We have spent a total of 1851 hours perfecting this development process, and here are the results:


Time for market release


Budget saved


MVP turned into Full-scale product

We turn your idea into
a product

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