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As a taxi booking app development company, we build our products with close attention paid to the end-users and industry needs. We understand what our customers and taxi passengers want, and it rockets our applications up to the top of the ratings!

Our flow of Taxi Booking app development

Before the taxi booking app development kicks off, you should have a clear vision of the end result. By the way, how about a list of must-have features for a taxi app?
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Taxi Business app

You have a taxi business or you’re thinking about starting one and turning your app into a digital project. This is when our services will suit you best. Starting with automated invoice management and ending with a user-friendly bookings system — our team of professional developers will build an app of your dream!


Taxi Business for Corporations

Do you have a taxi business and believe it’s the right time to expand it? Maybe, an unstable schedule got you and you’d like to automate the process? Give us a task to develop a taxi booking application that will make life easier for you and your customers. Keep everything under control.


Car Rental

You’ve got your own car fleet and your goal is to make your taxi business more effective. In such a case, you may need an app that would allow you to manage and track all your invoices, bookings, and cars fleet.


Air Taxi

Are you an enthusiast and you are thinking of a taxi business but... only with airplanes? Our unique software solution will launch your business. With a personal application, you'll be able to offer chartered air services at the click of a button and skyrocket your business to the air.

Rider Features

Driver Features

Admin Panel


A simple registration form

With a simple registration form, the passenger may register right from the application using the login page. To make it user-friendly, the registration form should have minimum details as users don’t like spending much time filling out forms.


Selecting the type of car

This one is simple. Users may choose the car according to their specific needs. A vehicle can be chosen based on various criteria, such as the number of passengers, price, and other information upon a special request.


Selecting the destination point

Many people use taxi services as their daily conveyance. Specifically for them, there's a feature for saving the destination point: no need to type the same address every time they book a taxi.


Multiple stops

From time to time, you may get ride requests from several passengers. Naturally, they have multiple destination points. With the 'Multiple Stops' feature, your passengers will enjoy a more comfortable ride while your app gets to be more user-friendly!


Driver Verification

As soon as the user has been matched with a driver, he'd be able to see the driver's name, vehicle license number, photo, as well as the rating of the driver. Now passengers will know in advance, who is picking them up.


Estimated Time of Arrival

Having booked a ride, the user will get the approximate arrival time according to their location. Based on the GPS tracking system, users can get such information as the car's number, and the driver's contact information.


The option to accept/reject the ride

As soon as a driver receives the request, they can review the details of a ride. If they’re good to go, then there is an option to accept it. Conversely, a ride can be rejected. Additionally, you can set the time limit required to make a decision.


Status update

The driver should have a possibility to update the status of the ride in such cases as accepting or rejecting the trip, reaching the final destination and dropping off the passenger.


Real-time navigation

With a real-time navigation feature, your driver's life will be much easier. Here's a possible scenario: Having accepted a ride, our app will navigate the driver to a rider's location and then to the destination point.


Rating and review

As soon as the trip ends, the riders can provide personalized feedback about the driver. Drivers, in their turn, can provide feedback about the riders.


Driver Dashboard

Using the driver dashboard, drivers may access various kinds of information, such as the info about the upcoming or past trips, the amount of money the driver earned and so on.


Multiple vehicles option

In case a driver has a few vehicles, they can add all of them to the vehicles list. When online, they can choose which vehicle to drive on that day. The requests and payments from passengers will be received for this vehicle.


As a taxi booking app development company, we attach particular importance to the admin dashboard. It provides a wide range of functions, such as the possibility to set up commissions, as well as to view the number of drivers and trip history along with the driver’s profile. You can also check out the total reward earned for a certain period of time.


System's management

This is a universal management feature. For example, you can add new drivers or remove the old ones from the admin panel, as well as change the reward and commission. Additionally, you can manage the car fleet and the customers’ panel.


Customers feedback

Here you can review the customers' feedback, including reports, ratings, and so on. This is a very powerful tool for understanding the final needs of your users and providing them with a better service.


Trips management

As admin, you will have full access to trips. This means you'll know which taxi is going from where to where, the details about the charge and any other information relating to it.


Fare Management

This feature will allow you to automate the invoice management process. All you need to do is to set up the fare calculation by adding all the fare parameters, including fare for waiting time, the fare for distance and so on.


CMS Content Management

The possibility to change/set SMTP settings, SM templates, payment gateways, social networking site and so on. It's up to you to decide as you're taking the wheel.

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All-Inclusive Package

JetRuby is not just a leading taxi booking app development company. It's the set of solutions, that helps you to improve the loyalty and credibility of your brand, as well as expand your business network. The end result will boost the revenue of your business and its conversion rate!

taxi booking app development
taxi booking app development company

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