Design and Discovery Phase

Design and Discovery phase lays the foundation for your future project and contributes to creating a product's prototype within the shortest time.

What is design and discovery phase?

The Design and Discovery Phase is aimed to clarify the product goals, foresee the business outcomes of its launch, choose the most important features, as well as determine the functionality for a future MVP. The result will be the accurate product view that includes: Key Product Features, User Journeys, Mockups, Wireframes, and Clickable Prototype.
Product Definition
During the product definition step, we define the business goals and challenges of the potential product. They need to be challenging, attainable, specific, time-limited, positive, and flexible. All the goals are being defined with the end-users in mind. At this stage, we don't discuss "What" should be built but "For Whom" and "How" it would simplify the users' life.

As the end of the Product Definition stage, we get a clear vision of the product's business-tasks that fully correlate with the business goals of the product.
The idea of this step is to visualize the product development process. There are several steps that need to be done to make it possible.

First, it's a design of a user story map. Simply put, it contains number of scenarios that describe how the information pieces interact with each other within the system. All the scenarios are being built according to the business goals priorities. Each scenario has number of user stories behind it. Based on the user stories set is being built a product's application architecture.
Based on the User Story Map, Business Analyst establishes a set of clickable Wireframes and adds them into the descriptive part of the document.

At the same time, during the prototyping are being carried out the following processes. Using the wireframes, UI/UX designer starts making sketches for the future product. Simultaneously, a Project Manager uses a User Story Map to create a product's backlog and the Project Plan, which includes milestones, budget, and deadlines.

At the end of this stage, we have a prioritized and estimated product backlog with the visual representation of the product's development.
The presentation stage has a few purposes: to present the results of the work and make sure that has been chosen in the right direction of the product development.

During the Presentation stage, there are 3 steps that should be met:
  • Present scope-level project plans
  • Present a technical implementation plan
  • Present a clickable prototype
As soon as every step of the presentation has been approved and accepted by the client, Design and Discovery phase can be considered as finished.
What you get
A clear vision of product development and its business outcomes
The validated ideas before investing in the actual product development process
A clickable product's prototype
A solid foundation for future Minimum Viable Product
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