Design and Discovery phase

Design and Discovery phase lays the foundation for your future project and contributes to creating a product's prototype within the shortest time

Design and Discovery phase
The Product Vision
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What is the Design and Discovery phase?

The Design and Discovery Phase aims to clarify the product goals, foresee the business outcomes of its launch, choose the essential features, and determine the functionality for a future MVP.

The result will be an accurate product view that includes: Key Product Features, User Journeys, Mockups, Wireframes, and Clickable prototypes.

Step 1

Product Definition

During the product definition step, we define the business goals and challenges of the potential product. They must be challenging, attainable, specific, time-limited, positive, and flexible.

We set all the goals with the end-users in mind. At this stage, we don't discuss "What" should be built but "For Whom" and "How" it would simplify the users' life.


At the end of the Product Definition stage, we get a clear vision of the product's business tasks that entirely correlate with the product's business goals.

Design and Discovery phase
The Product Vision

Step 2


The idea of this step is to visualize the product development process. Several steps will make it possible.

First, it's a design of a user story map. It contains several scenarios describing how the information pieces interact within the system. Each plan has several user stories behind it. All the methods correlate to the business goals and priorities.


We build a product's application architecture based on the user stories.

Design and Discovery phase Visualization

step 3


Based on the User Story Map, Business Analyst establishes a set of clickable Wireframes and adds them to the descriptive part of the document.

Using the wireframes, UI/UX designer starts making sketches for the future product. Simultaneously, a Project Manager builds a product's backlog, and the Project Plan based on the User Story Map.


Product backlog with the visual representation of the product's development: planned milestones, budget, and deadlines estimation.


step 4


The presentation stage has a few purposes: to present the work results and ensure we’re choosing the right product development direction.

Essential steps of the Presentation stage:

  1. Present scope-level project plans
  2. Present a technical implementation plan
  3. Present a clickable prototype


Once the client approves and accepts the presentation, the Design and Discovery phase is deemed finished.

Presentation DnD

our offer

What you get

A clear vision of product development and its business outcomes

The validated ideas before investing in the actual product development process

A solid foundation for future Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A clickable product's prototype, user flows, and design wireframes

Shape your idea

Design and discovery (D&D) stage

At this stage, we create a list of app and website screens, plan the user stories (requirements for product behavior when interacting with a user), and overall user experience (UX). It's a packaged preview of the product. Design and discovery for smaller projects usually take a few days to finish.

Quick start

Quick start A blazing-fast design sprint to outline the corners of your product

You get

  • Product definition
  • Business canvas model
  • User story maps as success paths
  • Wireframes

5 days

Price - Depends on scope

...and we are ready to evaluate the development

Focus on goal

Define the core of your
future product

You get

everything from Quick Start plus

  • USP and top features by priority
  • Technical specification
  • Customer journey map
  • Visual concept
  • Mockups and clickable prototypes
  • Technical architecture design

10-14 days

Price - Depends on scope

...and we are ready to start with
MVP from here

Full-scale product

Impress the market and find customers
before you launch

You get

everything from Focus on goal package plus

  • Brand identity and design
  • Marketing outreach campaign
  • 1 month of Social Media marketing support
  • Comfortable SLA support terms after the product release

15-20 days

Price - Depends on scope

...and we are ready to start with full-scale development from here

Or choose to configure your own design and development procedure!

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