Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Elevate your business with JetRuby’s cloud optimization strategy designed for success. Unlock the full power of your cloud infrastructure with enhanced performance, reduced costs and ensured scalability

What is Cloud Infrastructure Optimization?

JetRuby CIO (Cloud Infrastructure Optimization) is a risk-free software and consulting service package aimed at cloud cost optimization and performance improvements with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (MS Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

What You Get

save 20% to 85%

Cost Optimization

Our optimization strategies help companies save 20% to 85% on their cloud infrastructure by providing recommendations and other services

better control over cloud resource

Precise Resource Management

Clients receive notifications about price anomalies and non-compliance with resource tagging, ensuring better control over cloud resource management

“the big three” of cloud computing

Experts on Your Side

The team has clear and well-rounded expertise with “the big three” of cloud computing, providing reliable and cost-efficient optimization solutions

no longer requiring on-site expert

Clear Cloud Infrastructure

After the infrastructure optimization the overall system becomes more streamlined no longer requiring on-site expert involvement

How Cloud Optimization Service Works

You are just 30-minute call away from starting your cloud infrastructure optimization

Step 1

Your Request

We receive and process your request, then schedule a 30-minute call to discuss the details.

Step 2

30-minute call

During the initial call, we discuss the challenges you have and the technical specifications of your cloud.

Step 3

Read-only access

To make a comprehensive estimation of how to optimize your cloud infrastructure, we’ll need to ask you for read-only keys.

Step 4

Cost estimation

After the completion of the audit, our specialists will provide you with estimated cost savings based on your current spending structure.

Take better control of your cloud infrastructure spending

Risk-Free Pricing

You pay only if it works!

Commission-based payment

We charge 10% of the monthly costs saved on your infrastructure with the optimization we have performed.

Our Guarantees

If all recommendations are implemented and savings are less than 20%, we will not charge for the service.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Optimization Cases

Only the stories of our clients could tell more about the efficiency and benefits of cloud infrastructure optimization by the JetRuby team

Healthcare Analytics


High cloud expenditure of $43,539.15, impacting operational efficiency.


Deployment of our management software for sophisticated cloud cost management, identifying and addressing inefficiencies and redundancies.

Key Points

  • Achieved a 53% decrease in cloud expenses.

  • Current expenses halved to $8,925.43.

  • Enabled smarter resource utilization and fostered growth.

  • Demonstrated our approach effectiveness for strategic cloud finance management in complex spending scenarios.

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High cloud expenses ($32,550/month) due to unpredictable user traffic and extensive cloud resource needs.


Implementation of dynamic resource management, smart auto-scaling of virtual machines and strategic reserved instances.

Key points

  • Dynamic Resource Lifecycle Management led to a $14,892.50 reduction in unnecessary expenses.

  • Smart auto-scaling of virtual machines saved $7,657.50 during low demand.

  • Strategic use of reserved instances in AWS cut costs by $3,714.38.

  • Overall, we helped achieve a total monthly saving of $17,892.38.

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Data Analytics


High cloud infrastructure expenses, initially at $42,109.33, with concerning financial forecasts.


A comprehensive analysis leading to the identification and elimination of inefficiencies in resource allocation and redundant services.

Key points

  • Dramatic 60% decrease in cloud expenses in just one month.

  • Ongoing cost reduction strategy resulted in further decrease to $11,229.20.

  • Validated approach optimized strategic and cost-efficient cloud investments.

  • This case highlights our audit logic and its effectiveness in transforming cloud cost management.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management


High AWS bills ($27,850/month).


JetRuby cost efficiency audit and resource management.

Key points

  • 63% reduction of unnecessary costs via improved visibility and resource tagging.

  • Dynamic resource adjustment based on demand.

  • Strategic reserved instances on AWS for budget management.

  • Significant financial savings anticipated in supply chain operations.

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High monthly cloud expenses ($17,855.65) while balancing seamless user experience and cost constraints.


Cost optimization without sacrificing performance, including granular resource tagging, smart auto-scaling, and data lifecycle management optimization.

Key points

  • Granular resource tagging led to a 43% reduction in unnecessary resource costs.

  • Smart auto-scaling for dynamic workloads resulted in a 55% reduction in computing costs.

  • Optimized data lifecycle management achieved a 29% reduction in storage costs.

  • Overall, our methodologies realized a 51% reduction in monthly cloud expenses.

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Optimizing your cloud computing infrastructure is important for a multitude of reasons. Reducing costs, enhancing ROIs, balancing budgets, adding visibility to processes are among the top immediate benefits.

Cloud infrastructure optimization involves improving the efficiency and performance of your cloud resources. This process ensures that your cloud environment is cost-effective, scalable, and capable of handling your business needs efficiently. By optimizing cloud infrastructure, businesses can save money, improve application performance, and enhance security. This process ensures that your cloud environment is transparent, simpler to use and handles your business needs more efficiently on a leaner budget.

To start optimizing your cloud infrastructure, you should:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of your existing cloud resources.
  • Identify underutilized or idle resources and eliminate them.
  • Implement auto-scaling to adjust resources based on demand.
  • Use cost management tools to monitor and control expenses.
  • Leverage cloud-native optimization services provided by your cloud provider.

Common challenges in cloud infrastructure optimization include:

  • Lack of visibility into resource utilization.
  • Difficulty in identifying redundant or underutilized resources.
  • Managing the complexity of multi-cloud environments.
  • Ensuring consistent performance while optimizing costs.
  • Keeping up with constantly evolving cloud services and features.

Optimizing your cloud infrastructure directly enhances security in several ways. Firstly, it ensures that only necessary resources are used, reducing the attack surface for potential threats. By implementing best practices and regular audits, businesses can identify and rectify security vulnerabilities early. Optimization also involves updating and configuring cloud services according to the latest security standards, thereby strengthening the overall security posture.

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