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With online customers picky as ever, it has become really difficult to come up with solutions that will satisfy their demands. Today, not only must your storefront look nice, but also be deeply customizable in order to quickly adjust to ever-changing market standards. Using Spree Commerce we can build you one! Being one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce platforms in the world, Spree Commerce provides us with everything necessary to create amazing online stores that grow businesses and attract customers.

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Web Development


For the six plus years of Ruby and Ruby on Rails development, we have developed more than 40 projects for clients and organizations of all sorts - from small startups to big corporations. We are experienced at introducing built-from-scratch products to the market as well as improving and maintaining existing products. Limited budget and short deadlines are not a challenge for us. We can extricate projects from critical situations, refactor and test code to make your product work even better.

Mobile Development


Complexity doesn’t matter! We can develop native apps that will appeal to the most demanding users. Complex data output filters; secure communication between server and client; attention-grabbing screen transitions; integrated social networks’ APIs; geolocation search; photographically capturing objects; advanced push, and in-app notifications etc. We can implement any feature necessary to make your app compliant with all cutting-edge standards!

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Single Page Apps


Single Page Applications (SPA) are becoming more and more popular. We use modern JavaScript MVC frameworks (AngularJS and EmberJS) and Facebook’s ReactJS to build scalable and nice-looking apps. Each of these technologies has proven itself in commercial products dozens of times. Researching each technology in detail enables us to find an individual approach to every project depending on its objectives.

Hybrid Mobile Development


Thanks to a unified code base, a hybrid app can be developed for multiple platforms simultaneously which makes it a good choice when the budget is limited and the product must be released as soon as possible. We use AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova, ParseJS and our own Ruby/Ruby on Rails-based API. Hybrid technologies are all about simplicity and cost-effectiveness!



We have developed more than ten Rails-API based apps that provide interface displaying data for mobile and web clients. All the API implementations have features like versioning, REST query support, JSON data output, and authentication system. In API development, we use lightweight controllers enabling us to reduce server response time up to 200-300 ms. Thus, working with big data becomes nothing but a piece of cake.



Further, we can provide our clients with high-quality maintenance of the developed products and hosted infrastructures. Our DevOps are passionate about Docker! They can quickly build scalable and fault-tolerance cloud-based or locally-installed infrastructures.

Real Estate Apps


The industry has never been so competitive. If you want to stay on top, you need to have a solid online presence. What’s the best way to do that? Imagine you had an employee that worked 24/7 without a break. One that would promote your business on the Internet. The real estate websites we build have it all. The out-of-the-box features include advanced database and geolocation search by filters, simple and fast payment processing, systems for items analysis and many others. Let us build your perfect website to succeed online!

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Quality Assurance


When overlooked, even the tiniest bug can lead to a big financial loss. And if the bug is significant, it can drive a lot of customers away from your brand making you lose even more money. High-quality testing throughout the whole development process greatly minimizes the risk of having defects in the final product. In addition, JetRuby QA engineers refine requirements, analyze documentation, and research UX. Thus, we make sure all the possible inconsistencies or pitfalls are exposed at the early stages of development, which will save your money and resources.

What makes us

A good magician never
reveals his secrets. But
we’re not magicians.
We’re technicians.
Absolute dedication

There is no margin for error when it comes to commercial projects. Full focus on development process enables us to quickly deliver bug-free products and keep code clean and awesome at the same time.

Full Transparency

Track product development progress in real time through project management systems like PivotalTracker and Trello! Join our daily meetings to discuss related questions with the team directly! We’re always here to help!

Software Quality

Test-driven development, code review, consistent release workflow, time-proven software testing tools like SpiraTest, and more - we’ve got everything necessary to deliver high-quality products to our clients!

Our credentials

Proudly delivered
  • Review linksquares
    Chris Combs
    Co-Founder & CEO

    "Ivan and the team at JetRuby are great to work with. Their development process and code are of high quality, and their technical problem solving is extremely helpful. In addition, their english and communication skills are top notch as well, making them an easy choice for any products we build. We look forward to working with them again in the future!."

  • Review times
    Evan M. Smith
    Head of New Service Development
    Financial Times

    "JetRuby can make your dream come true. A reliable, ethical, hardworking company. They have growing teams of competent front-end and back-end developers. In the past I worked with 3 or 4 other offshore companies. But JetRuby was the best one. They had very strong commitment to work, and their Technical Leads are also great teachers because they stay up to speed on the latest trends in software development. I learned a lot from working with JetRuby and Ivan over the course of 3+ years, and they delivered really good works to my US / UK based team."

  • Review suggest
    Tom Klein
    Suggest It app

    "JetRuby has operated as the defacto backend development team for two of our applications over a multi-year partnership. JetRuby employs a highly skilled team of developers who are diligent with their communication processes and project scopes. The teams attention to detail and clear communication has allowed us to focus on efficient product development while lowering our overall development costs."

  • Review sparksfly
    David Bankston
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Sparksfly Technologies, Inc.

    "I was introduced to Ivan and team in 2013. For over 3 years now, the team have consistently exceeded expectations on several projects. We just completed a significant product update. It required the team to dig deep and find some creative and low cost solutions to bring the project in on time and on budget. I am very happy with the services the team delivered."

  • Review namecoach
    Dr. Praveen Shanbhag
    NameCoach Inc.

    "Fantastic work! Very capable, responsive, and helpful. For someone who codes a bit but not an expert, it was great to both get suggestions and also know that my directions would be followed, all striking a balance between business and technical interests. After bringing on a full-time CTO, it was confirmed that the quality of the work was top-notch."

  • Review justing
    Justin Drees

    "JetRuby is an agency that I can genuinely recommend. During the last year JetRuby and I have worked closely together to develop the backend of my startup. Knowledgable, hard-working, supportive and honest are all words that come to mind when I think of the developers whom I've collaborated with on a daily basis. They are skilled engineers with business/product acumen who want to contribute to making your company succeed. I appreciate those qualities in a partner and look forward to continuing working with them."

  • Review knightly
    Abigael Titcomb
    CEO and Founder

    "Although I came to JetRuby with solely user stories and a very tight budget, they worked with me extensively to generate an amazing prototype spec that met all my needs and a development plan that worked for me. I have experienced nothing but great work ethic, reliability, high-quality code, and much-needed helpfulness. They use the most up to date technology and are pros at finding the best solutions for your technical problems - all at an unbeatable value. JetRuby isn't just another development agency, they are a highly skilled and business savvy team of developers who will deliver exceptional work and creative problem-solving for a great price. Working with the team now to develop user stories for next round! Excited to get started!"

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A good magician never
reveals his secrets. But
we’re not magicians.
We’re technicians.

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