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JetRuby is an international Swift app development company with 11 years of Swift expertise that creates modern and innovative iOS apps.

Always on time, to specification, and on budget.

swift app development company jetruby
swift app development company
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Award-winning Swift iOS development company

Our clients

Need a dedicated team of world-class developers?

Planning to build a Swift app?

We will analyze your project and give you detailed feedback on the best business and technical solutions.

App Idea Audit

  1. Identify the project’s blind spots.
  2. Define the initial tech stack.
  3. Evaluate app key features and select them for priority development.
  4. Analyze user flow and screens.
  5. Obtain a quality product development strategy.

Code Audit

  1. We analyze your source code to eliminate all the bugs.
  2. Get core recommendations for your code.
  3. Get a list of your code’s vulnerabilities and their locations.
  4. Get an estimate to upgrade your code using industry-standard best practices.

Why choose JetRuby as a Swift app development company?

With 11 years of experience, our iOS Swift app developers build innovative and flawless apps that will help you stand out from your competition.

200+ experts

250+ global projects

99% delivery on time

16 domain served

11 years of successful work

6 awards in development

Why choose Swift for iOS app development?

Swift is a safe, fast, and modern language developed by Apple providing impressive features to make the iOS development process easier and better.

Faster and more performant

When it comes to business and markets, time is crucial. A minor change in the performance of your app is able to throw it back from 5 stars on App Store. Apple did its best to make Swift as fast and lightweight as possible.

In fact, Swift is 2.6 times faster than a not-so-modern Objective-C.

Built with security in mind

From a business viewpoint, advanced error handling is one of the best features in the Swift iOS development process. Thanks to the bugs-prediction system, it prevents common crashes in production along with the detection of bugs.

It's a big advantage for businesses as they can save their budget and time on security testing.

Feature-rich apps

Swift is the language of choice if you need to build an app with rich functionality. The programming language allows developers to fully utilize hardware features like gyroscope, camera, geolocation, and others much expected by users from a modern iOS app.

In addition, Swift's codebase is super concise, which makes adding new developers to the team much easier.

Enterprise support

Big-name corporations like Apple and IBM stand behind the Swift Language. The entire iOS ecosystem essentially depends on Swift, motivating Apple to invest the best effort in improving this technology for end-users and businesses. IBM actively explores the possibilities of the Swift iOS development as well.

This makes Swift a risk-free investment in the future of your mobile business.

Recent Swift apps we developed

JetRuby Swift development company does its best to develop outstanding Swift apps for clients worldwide. Not only do we help you go mobile and solve your business challenges, but we also ensure high-quality, cost-effective, and stunning app development that you can count on.

swift app development company sortly



united states of america

Number of users:



Sortly is a Swift application that provides a super simple inventory and asset tracking system for both regular consumers and businesses of all types and sizes.

With its help, users can easily track their items and details including location, price, quantity, condition, and so on. The application is photo-based, which means users can easily visualize all their things using QR codes.

The iOS application has been recognized as the best in the industry for over 5 years straight. It has been ranked as #1 on App Store and featured in Forbes, ABC News, FOX, New York Post & Inc.

group 18570 1
PYRO Music



china 1

Number of users:

9, 000,000

PYRO Music

Pyro is a Swift-based application that opens doors to endless possibilities and new experiences in electronic music.

Built specifically for China, Pyro allows listening, discovering, and sharing favorite music, record labels, or musician talent across the globe. Furthermore, with the help of our Swift app development services, we managed to create a highly scalable and flexible application, which is capable of handling high loads.
The application combines the best features from the world's leading music streaming services with rich functionality both for PYRO listeners and DJs.

group 18569 1



united states of america

Number of users:



WonderApp is a single-tap photo editing app that was built for professionals by professionals. With Swift iOS development, we built an app that goes with hundreds of presets and beautiful filters based on smart algorithms and created by professional photographers.

Designed as a mobile Lightroom replacement with full offline access, WonderApp allows users to edit their photos anytime and anywhere. With Over 200+ collections of presets for various settings, Wonder App is being actively used by thousands of users around the world. Available on App Store.

This month only!

Celebrating our 11th anniversary

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App Idea Audit is Free

Our analysts will audit your project to ensure there are no critical issues. Read more

Code Audit is Free

We analyze your source code to eliminate all the bugs. Read more

Build your Swift app for any industry

Our Swift app developers have expertise in 16 industries, so we have already built several apps similar to yours.





Social Media

Real Estate

Food delivery



Taxi booking







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We have extensive first-hand experience developing cutting-edge HIPPA-compliant, EHR, EMR, ERX, HCRM custom solutions. It allows us to save a lot of time and money for our new clients.

Online wishes list pana 1 1


We develop custom, profitable solutions that can easily handle any flow of customers and provide stable business growth.

Online Groceries pana 1


JetRyby’s marketplace solution OzMarkt allows you to build a fully custom marketplace with the features you need, making it a huge budget-saver for startups and small businesses.

Webinar pana 1


From corporate virtual training platforms with complex infrastructure to microlearning applications with progress tracking.

Social media pana 1

Social Media

Social media apps
SM Publishing & Scheduling Platforms
Messaging Apps
Video-based Networks
Social Network Analytic Tools
Online Reviews and Polling

House searching pana 1

Real Estate

Grow your real estate business with a custom digital solution built by Jetruby experts.

Take Away pana 1

Food delivery

Now is a good time to lunch your on demand delivery app.We’ve built several apps in this field. So we’ll develop yours faster and cheaper.

New entries bro 1


Vehicle Location tracking
Route Optimization
Vehicle Management
Nearest Gas Station
Mechanical Support
Merchants Real-time Notifications

Finance app pana 1


Banking Apps
Investment Apps
Insurance Apps
Digital Wallet Apps

Order ride pana 1

Taxi booking

Taxi Business apps
Taxi Business for Corporations
Car Rental apps
Air Taxi apps

Growing rafiki 1


Optimize your farming processes with our industry-specific expertise.
Weather Data
Farm Maps
Satellite & Drones
IoT Solutions

Opened pana 1


Flawless Registration Process
Engagement Features
Listings and Schedules
Event Feed Optimization
Search and Categories
Events Tracking

In no time pana 1


Multiple purchase options
Quick, problem-free purchasing
Track and show inventory
Personalized customers' experience
Supply chain management
Customer behavior analysis

Telecommuting pana 1


Project planning
Task time tracking
Notifications and reminders

Flight Booking pana 1


Travel Itinerary Generator
Geo-Tracking Services
Weather or Climate Forecasting
Location-Based Emergency Services
Currency Converter
In-App Language Translator

Fitness tracker pana 1


Diet and Nutrition apps, Workout and Personal trainer apps, Meditation and yoga apps, Activity tracking apps
We’ve done it all.

We are experts in the most popular Technologies


Ruby on Rails


React Js






React Native


Spree commerce










Spree commerce

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