Kubernetes Development for Business

Build cost-efficient and easy-to-manage web applications for your businesses with Kubernetes on time & budget.

Why Kubernetes?

Using Kubernetes, you can provide the best ways of managing distributed, related components and services across varied infrastructure.

Secure infrastructure

To give a simple explanation of how Kubernetes work, imagine a container as something, where your app is "packaged." Without this container, it won't be working in the system. However, Kubernetes easily solves this challenge. In case one container dies, a replacement container will be launched immediately so there's no reason to worry about.


Using Kubernetes, you can significantly cut the infrastructure costs. If your business operates at massive scale, the costs may be high. Since Kubernetes container-based architecture is feasible across a great number of large, enterprise apps, it makes possible to pack together apps with minimal resources to get out of cloud and hardware investments.

Faster and more agile development

If you want your app to be in demand, you need to provide features in the fastest and high-quality way. In other words, you need to use an agile approach. Kubernetes is a synonym to Agile. Using the power of microservices, you can divide your development into small agile teams that will be delivering features seamlessly on a day-to-day basis.

Focus on the important thing

Human resources are an integral part of a successful business. Kubernetes provides a great number of various tools that automate infrastructure operations. As a result, your specialists can focus on important for your business things, such as developing your product and providing the best customer experience for your clients.

Kubernetes Development Case Studies

Check out these awesome apps we built for our clients to solve real-life and business challenges.



SparksFly is a unique web aggregator solution that allows filtering data from various social media to get the most relevant information.

Using Kubernetes among other cutting-edge technologies, we built a solution for discovering and retrieving information based on the users' preferences. Since SparksFly is built on the AI engine, it is capable of processing a huge amount of social media data in order to get the content users care about.

Using the microservice approach, we developed a system that could aggregate different types of data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and convert it into a single format. Who said magic doesn't exist?



Cronycle is a SaaS application based on a complex AI engine created to filter and aggregate online content from different sources in the fastest and most efficient manner. With Kubernetes, we were able to build a robust and flexible architecture that powers the entire app.

Cronycle is focused on mind mapping. It allows users to add articles, annotate, and highlight specific information within these articles on the board without having to leave the platform.

As a result, we built a complex and independent content-aggregation platform with micro-service architecture that helps all kind of users find and organize relevant content with just little effort. Learn more...



ScreenHub is a powerful content management system that provides unbounded possibilities for managing thousands of different digital signage platforms from any possible device that has an Internet connection.

ScreenHub has no boundaries. It's compatible with any synchronous digital display, including LCD, plasma screens, LCD panels and so on. It provides the possibility to edit the content of a sign from any possible device or operating system.

Users can easily access and monitor their screens no matter where they or their screens are and control all the content from just one internet enabled-device.

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