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Food Delivery App Development Solutions for Restaurant Businesses and Food Vendors

As a food delivery app development company with 12 years of experience, JetRuby is ready to help you launch software that will save you time, effort, and money!

For you, we can build something better, more user-friendly, more functional than Uber Eats or DOOR DASH

Delivery App Development Company
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Our expert food delivery app development services

Let us help you create customizable food delivery software. We combine our deep expertise and skills to make the best application both for end clients and food businesses.



Get more customers with JetRuby food ordering mobile app development and let the world find out about you.


Home Delivery

Take home delivery orders to the next level. Increase revenue and make your app success skyrocket.

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Food Trucks

Reach out to the masses with your food truck app. JetRuby is here to help.


Fast-Food Joints

Sell more with your joint on the app, thanks to our food ordering app development company.

Our success food stories

When it comes to developing delivery apps, experience matters the most.
Find out how JetRuby helps companies bring high-quality ideas to life.

Saffron Cooks

Checkout Process Optimization
Quick Orders Section
Implemented Smooth UX

Saffron Cooks is a premium food delivery service with a restaurant-like dining experience. With the help of JetRuby food delivery app developers, Saffron Cooks managed to become an extremely user-friendly app that offers a plethora of chef-made meals that can be delivered right to the customer’s door.


Cross-platform Administration Panel
iOS and Android Applications
User-Friendly Payment System

JetRuby food delivery application development created Referit's revolutionary system that leverages the influence of the trusted referrals of friends and harnesses the power of mobile app marketing to ultimately increase the volume and quality of leads to businesses.

#1 food delivery app development company

JetRuby is the leading company in food ordering mobile app development. Why?
We have transformed hundreds of global business ideas into successful projects and are ready to help you too.


Trusted by global brands

JetRuby is trusted by the biggest global brands like Financial Times, Pyro Music, GoPro, Sortly, and others.


Exceptional experience

For over 11 years, JetRuby has been delivering top-notch digital solutions to clients worldwide. We have already successfully served over 250+ global brands, and we’re not planning to stop.


Client engagement

We constantly communicate with our clients through the whole food delivery app development process for continuous feedback and improvement.


Top international experts

At JetRuby, we have only the best passionate food delivery app developers, determined to create a successful application known worldwide. We’ve brought together top-class developers from all around the world.


Cost and time effectiveness

We strongly believe that food ordering mobile app development should only bring pleasure. The deep expertise of our developers will save you time and money.


Constant support & maintenance

With a dedicated Customer Support team, we take full responsibility for the maintenance of your project during the online food delivery app development, and even after.

Accelerate your food business right now!

Are you ready to build a responsive, engaging, and successful food delivery application? We’re ready to help!

Powerful features of a powerful food delivery app development

Customer App

Search Filtering System

The option to search for restaurants using various search parameters, such as location, delivery area, nearby pick-up options, reviews, category, and others.

Discount Code

We use push notifications to notify customers about upcoming deals or discounts. Later, users may redeem these coupons on future purchases.

Track Delivery

As soon as the order has been confirmed, users can monitor its status and track its transfer.

Feedback System

Users may give their feedback after receiving their orders. Having implemented this feature, you'll make your user's experience more valuable and get an opportunity to improve your food delivery.

Social Media Login

When the users want to make an order, they can easily log in or register using their social media credentials. This facilitates their app experience and allows them to make an order faster.

Payment Gateway

With multiple payment options, we’ve improved the user’s experience and created an easy and user-friendly way to pay for an order.

Restaurant App

Order Management

Having this feature, restaurants can manage all the orders in one place and view the orders in detail.

Order Tracking

Restaurants can track the real-time location of the drivers to check the delivery routes and total time.

Notifications System

With this feature, restaurants can get notifications about the new orders, the status of the delivery, payments, or feedback.

Menu Management

Using a menu management system, restaurants can customize their menus or create a new one based on the availability of products or users’ preferences.

Customer Reviews

Restaurants can see every customer’s review and use it to improve the quality of their delivery, food, or application in general.

Promos Management

Restaurants can add new promotions or customize the old ones in one place.

Admin Dashboard

Restaurant Management

Admin dashboard is a powerful control center for handling everything in one place, including managing orders, products, menus, and restaurant management.

Analytics and Reports

The analytics and reports feature allows taking data-driven informed decisions based on useful stats and insights.

Payments Management

The ability to control and set partner commission rates as per the standards and organize the timely payments.

Customer Feedback Management

An Admin has access to users' details, including their order details and so on. Admin can also view customers' feedback and maintain platform standards.

Driver’s App

Order Management

With this feature, drivers can receive orders and manage multiple deliveries through the app.

Real-time Notifications

Drivers can get regular updates about the orders, as well as receive messages from the users themselves.

Delivery Information

Drivers receive the information on the food-delivery location.

Payment Management

With this feature, drivers can track the payments for the orders for the day.

How we develop your perfect food delivery app


JetRuby conducts thorough research to provide you with the best solution for a mobile app for food delivery business that stands out among competitors and brings income.

Prototype & Agreement

We share a prototype with you and adjust the promo to meet your goals and wishes.


We initiate the app programming, as well as food delivery website development, deploying our most powerful technology and skills.

Testing & Launch

After thorough testing, we launch your application on leading app platforms.

Post-release support

After final delivery, we continue to support and maintain your application, ensuring it works smoothly on the latest version of mobile software.

We’ve probably already built several Apps similar to yours

We’ve probably
already built several Apps
similar to yours

250+ successful applications in 16 industries





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Real Estate

Food delivery



Taxi booking







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We have extensive first-hand experience developing cutting-edge HIPPA-compliant, EHR, EMR, ERX, HCRM custom solutions. It allows us to save a lot of time and money for our new clients.

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We develop custom, profitable solutions that can easily handle any flow of customers and provide stable business growth.

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JetRyby’s marketplace solution OzMarkt allows you to build a fully custom marketplace with the features you need, making it a huge budget-saver for startups and small businesses.

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From corporate virtual training platforms with complex infrastructure to microlearning applications with progress tracking.

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Social Media

Social media apps
SM Publishing & Scheduling Platforms
Messaging Apps
Video-based Networks
Social Network Analytic Tools
Online Reviews and Polling

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Real Estate

Grow your real estate business with a custom digital solution built by Jetruby experts.

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Food delivery

Now is a good time to lunch your on demand delivery app.We’ve built several apps in this field. So we’ll develop yours faster and cheaper.

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Vehicle Location tracking
Route Optimization
Vehicle Management
Nearest Gas Station
Mechanical Support
Merchants Real-time Notifications

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Banking Apps
Investment Apps
Insurance Apps
Digital Wallet Apps

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Taxi booking

Taxi Business apps
Taxi Business for Corporations
Car Rental apps
Air Taxi apps

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Optimize your farming processes with our industry-specific expertise.
Weather Data
Farm Maps
Satellite & Drones
IoT Solutions

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Flawless Registration Process
Engagement Features
Listings and Schedules
Event Feed Optimization
Search and Categories
Events Tracking

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Multiple purchase options
Quick, problem-free purchasing
Track and show inventory
Personalized customers' experience
Supply chain management
Customer behavior analysis

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Project planning
Task time tracking
Notifications and reminders

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Travel Itinerary Generator
Geo-Tracking Services
Weather or Climate Forecasting
Location-Based Emergency Services
Currency Converter
In-App Language Translator

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Diet and Nutrition apps, Workout and Personal trainer apps, Meditation and yoga apps, Activity tracking apps
We’ve done it all.

We are experts in the most popular Technologies

Ruby on Rails
React Js
React Native
Spree commerce

Amazing projects we built

Sortly is the #1 inventory app for the iOS platform that enables you to visually track all your possessions.
  • 4.7 rating, 6.2k reviews on Apple Store
  • 300,000+ downloads on Google Store
  • Backed by Phase4, Lombardstreet Ventures, Shamrock, Y Media Labs
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EveryPig is a mobile solution for pork producers, delivering real-time advice based on AI and ML technologies.
  • Collecting real-time data for production and veterinary analysis;
  • Veterinary checkups in the digital format and telemedicine tools;
  • Management and communication solutions for pig farms.
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