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JetRuby: Your Food Delivery App Development Company

With over 12 years of experience in food delivery app development, is your trusted partner for launching efficient software solutions that save you time, effort, and money.

We are committed to creating an app that surpasses the user-friendliness and functionality of Uber Eats or DOOR DASH, tailored to your unique needs.

Delivery App Development Company
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Our Expertise in Food Delivery App Development

JetRuby specializes in crafting customizable food delivery software that benefits both end-users and food businesses. Here's how we can assist you:

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For Restaurants:

Boost your customer base with JetRuby's food ordering mobile app development, letting the world discover your culinary delights.

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For Home Delivery Services:

Elevate your home delivery orders to new heights, increasing revenue and skyrocketing your app's success.

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For Food Trucks:

Reach a wider audience with your food truck app, and let JetRuby guide you every step of the way.

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For Fast-Food Joints:

Sell more by featuring your establishment on our platform, thanks to our expertise in food ordering app development.

Our success food stories

In the realm of delivery app development, experience is paramount. Discover how JetRuby has helped companies transform high-quality ideas into reality:

Saffron Cooks

Checkout Process Optimization
Quick Orders Section
Smooth User Experience

Saffron Cooks, a premium food delivery service offering a restaurant-like dining experience, partnered with JetRuby to create an exceptionally user-friendly app. It now offers a variety of chef-made meals delivered straight to customers' doors.


Cross-platform Administration Panel
iOS and Android Applications
User-Friendly Payment System

JetRuby's food delivery application development revolutionized Referit's system, harnessing the power of trusted referrals and mobile app marketing to boost lead volume and quality for businesses.

#1 food delivery app development company

JetRuby is the leading company in food ordering mobile app development. Why?
We have transformed hundreds of global business ideas into successful projects and are ready to help you too.

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Trusted by global brands

JetRuby is the trusted choice of major global brands such as Financial Times, Pyro Music, GoPro, Sortly, and more.

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Exceptional experience

With over 12 years of experience, JetRuby has consistently delivered top-notch digital solutions to clients worldwide, serving over 250+ global brands.

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Client engagement

We maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the food delivery app development process, valuing feedback and continuous improvement.

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Top international experts

At JetRuby, we have a team of passionate food delivery app developers dedicated to creating globally successful applications. Our developers come from diverse backgrounds around the world.

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Cost and time effectiveness

We believe that food ordering mobile app development should be a pleasurable experience. Our developer expertise saves you both time and money.

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Constant support & maintenance

With a dedicated Customer Support team, we take full responsibility for maintaining your project during and after online food delivery app development.

Ready to Accelerate Your Food Business?

Are you prepared to build a responsive, engaging, and successful food delivery application? We're ready to help you achieve your goals.

Powerful Features of a Leading Food Delivery App Development Company

Food Delivery App Development Services

Food Delivery App Development Services

Our expert food delivery app development services are designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants and food vendors. We specialize in custom food delivery application development, offering on-demand food delivery software solutions.

Food Delivery App Developer

Food Delivery App Developer

As an experienced food delivery app development company, we have a team of skilled food delivery app developers dedicated to creating innovative solutions.

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Our food delivery app development services include comprehensive mobile app development to cater to the ever-growing demand for food delivery solutions.

Food Delivery Mobile App Development

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

We excel in on-demand food delivery app development, providing restaurant delivery app solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Customer App

Search Filtering System

Our customer app features a robust search filtering system, allowing users to find restaurants based on various parameters, including location, delivery area, nearby pick-up options, reviews, and categories.

Discount Code

We leverage push notifications to inform customers about upcoming deals and discounts, enabling users to redeem coupons for future purchases.

Track Delivery

Once an order is confirmed, users can track its status and monitor its delivery in real-time.

Feedback System

Users can provide valuable feedback after receiving their orders, enabling continuous improvement of the food delivery experience.

Social Media Login

We offer social media login options for users to easily log in or register, streamlining the ordering process.

Payment Gateway

Our app includes multiple payment options, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly payment process.

Restaurant App

Order Management

Restaurants can efficiently manage all orders in one place and view detailed order information.

Order Tracking

Real-time tracking of delivery drivers' locations allows restaurants to monitor delivery routes and estimated delivery times.

Notifications System

Restaurants receive notifications about new orders, delivery status, payments, and customer feedback.

Menu Management

Restaurants can customize their menus or create new ones based on product availability and user preferences.

Customer Reviews

Restaurants can access customer reviews to enhance the quality of their food, delivery service, and overall application experience.

Promos Management

Restaurants can create and manage promotions conveniently within the app.

Admin Dashboard

Restaurant Management

The admin dashboard serves as a central control center, enabling easy management of orders, products, menus, and restaurant operations.

Analytics and Reports

The analytics and reports feature provides valuable insights, allowing data-driven decisions to optimize operations and strategy.

Payments Management

Admins can control and set partner commission rates according to industry standards and ensure timely payments.

Customer Feedback Management

Admins have access to user details, including order history and customer feedback, helping maintain platform standards.

Driver’s App

Order Management

Drivers can efficiently receive and manage orders for multiple deliveries through the app.

Real-time Notifications

Drivers receive regular updates on orders and can communicate with users directly.

Delivery Information

Drivers access crucial information about the food delivery location.

Payment Management

Drivers can easily track payments for the day's orders.

How We Develop Your Perfect Food Delivery App:


JetRuby conducts comprehensive research to provide the best solution for your food delivery app, ensuring it stands out and generates revenue.

Prototype & Agreement

We share a prototype and customize it to align with your goals and requirements.


Our experienced team initiates app programming and food delivery website development, leveraging powerful technology and skills.

Testing & Launch

After rigorous testing, we launch your application on leading app platforms.

Post-release support

Our dedicated Customer Support team takes responsibility for maintaining your project during and after online food delivery app development.

Ready to accelerate your food business?

Let's discuss how we can build a responsive, engaging, and successful food delivery application. Contact us for an estimate of your project's development costs.

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