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Android App Development

We provide custom Android development services to build native apps that empower your business and inspire its growth. Enjoy a seamless mobile experience on all supported Android OS versions. Always on time, to specification, and within budget!

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iOS App Development

We transform our clients' ideas into flawless high-quality iOS mobile applications making businesses stand out from the competition. JetRuby is among the award-winning software development agencies. We always build your iOS app on time, to specification, and within budget.





Android App Development

End-to-End Android App Development

Got an app idea? We can make it true. The wealth of our expertise allows us to create Android apps across industries. Win customers with engaging design and a well-planned user journey.

End-to-End Android App Development company

Android App Development

How We Work on Your Android App

Android Consulting

First of all, we need to have a clear vision of the app and its future functionality. We obtain an understanding of the product's advantage as compared to its competitors and determine the end-users' needs.

Android App UX/UI Design

Our team adheres to the best design techniques. As a customer, you can fully expect an adaptive responsive UI design that enhances the customer experience.

Creating Android App

We deliver highly customizable Android app solutions as per your particular requirements. You get the tool to control and streamline business operations effectively.

Android App Support

Post-release maintenance is the time and opportunity to have all bugs noticed and fixed. Support for new OS versions is also included

Android App Development

Android Development Success Stories

Here you can read how we created Android apps from scratch or modernized existing apps with new functional features.

Moments NFC

Moments NFC is a Kotlin-based app that simplifies payments in pubs across the USA. There are two amazing things about this app. First, it allows you to pay for a drink with a mere wave of your hand. Just sync the app with your smartphone or a wristband with an NFC module and you're ready to do magic! No more waiting to get your credit card payment approved. The second amazing thing is that our team built the entire app in just 12 days. We didn't even have to create a new interface from scratch. We simply took the iOS app design and used it "as is" to build the Kotlin app. Doing this saved our client a considerable amount of budget. Ultimately, we helped the client create a unique mobile application for the Android platform that allows pub customers to save time and make their nights-outs stress-free.

Android Development Success Stories - moments nfs

LOOP Messenger

OOP Messenger is a Kotlin application that allows you to make new friends by creating and sharing your "suggestions" with other people or choosing from available activities, deals, offers, events, or just random cool stuff. Sharing is based on either a specific location or a group of previously selected people (friends). LOOP Messenger is your ultimate way to always keep abreast of everything that's upcoming regardless of where you are. Our impact: we've designed and built a robust app architecture that allows for quick and drastic functionality changes to meet market trends. We've also implemented a custom and highly-personalized in-app feed that provides users with suggestions based on their interests and preferences, not people followed.

Android Development Success Stories - loop messenger

MOVE Shanghai

MOVE Shanghai advocates as your own fitness concierge for sports fans in China. In a nutshell, it's a mini ecosystem that allows you to book anything from tennis classes to a lounge chair at a 5-star hotel pool for a flat monthly fee. Moreover, personal assistance from the Move Consultant will help you to choose and book new activities. Swimming, boxing, yoga, squash - whatever moves you! SPA connects the best fitness and activity providers to the user, making it easy to work out whenever and wherever is most convenient. We built a fast and smooth Kotlin app based on the iOS version to enable MOVE Shanghai users to access their fitness venues from both platforms. We also integrated the app with AliPay and WeChat since these services are a must for any Chinese application.

Android Development Success Stories - MoveSH

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iOS App Development

Trusted iOS app development services

iOS mobile applications are the go-to solutions for most businesses. They are secure and scalable. Something that can take a business ahead of others. We hired world-class iOS developers to design the best mobile app solution that will help you to increase your market reach!

Expert iOS App design and development

We are proud of our proven methodology applied in app development which guarantees that your project will stay within the timeline, scope, and budget.

iOS mobile applicationsconsulting

We will analyze your iOS app project with business and tech analysts to ensure there are no critical problems.

iOS App High Quality Code Audit

Let our software development specialists audit your source code to ensure your iOS app doesn’t have bugs, security breaches, or violations of programming conventions.

iOS App Maintenance and Support

We hired ios developers and QA specialists from top agencies to make sure your iOS mobile application runs flawlessly.

iOS UI/UX Design and Development

We make iOS applications user-friendly and engaging . All thanks to the UI/UX team, for bringing the best app experiences with the motivation to use it continuously.

iOS App Deployment

We are the #1 iOS app development company that provides seamless integration of the apps on all Apple devices. iOs, macOS, WatchOS.

iOS App Development

Our iOS App Development process spans several stages

ios app development company
Ellipse 323 development

We discover and discuss your iOS app idea and study your target audience


We start with the UI/UX design process


We kick off the iOS development process and prepare a fully functional MVP


We start working on iOS app deployment and release


We also provide iOS app maintenance and support services

iOS App Development

iOS Development Success Stories

We are showcasing a few case studies illustrating our approach to iOS development. Read our stories below. 


Together with the client, we developed a completely new social network based on personal interests and a news feed that adapts to the user's preferences. Other features included the ability to communicate anonymously within the network and adjust privacy settings whenever a user posts a news feed or comments on an existing one. In just a month of dedicated development work, Leepse has been released and gained huge popularity and positive feedback among youngsters. Since its first release, the app has received almost 500 positive reviews on the Apple Store along with a boost in popularity. We managed to reach the balance of being flexible in our planning processes while also offering expert guidance.

iOS Development Success Stories - leepsee


Learnifier is a perfect tool to manage and create a set of documented rules for every position in a different company. This platform provides an easy way to create blended learning courses. Within just a year of its release, more than 120,000 people have passed various courses and every single minute around 1,500 users are constantly learning and excelling in their studies. Currently, the Learnifier app is available on the Apple Store offering over 12.000 various course materials. It is available in more than 150 countries worldwide with a huge database consisting of more than 500,000 active users.

iOS Development Success Stories - learnifer


First-of-its-kind pig health and production management platform. EveryPig is a mobile solution for pork producers, delivering real-time advice based on AI and ML technologies. By processing thousands of relevant images, the application evaluates the health condition of pigs and signals about a possible outbreak of infection. By getting neural networks to recognize disease patterns, we improved the quality of recognition by up to 80% and, thereby diagnosis accuracy. We’ve developed a fast, informative, and “one-stop” platform that has become a game-changer for pork producers. It inspired the business owner to continue the expansion of his enterprise across the globe.

iOS Development Success Stories - everipig

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Benefits of Android and iOS Apps for Businesses

Why Do You Need a Mobile App as a Business?

Android Apps

Open Source

An open-source operating system simplifies the integration process and access to developers’ resources.


Android apps easily go together with the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. 


As a Linux-based platform, it allows end-users to take advantage of the advanced security features underlying Linux. 

iOS Apps

Reduced Development Time

iOS apps require a relatively short development time and can be a great testing ground for your business opportunities.

Tech-savvy & Loyal Users

Apple has a community of tech-savvy and loyal customers, who are receptive to innovative solutions. 

Higher App Revenue

It’s known that Apple users are more willing to use in-app paid services. Altogether, it boosts revenue generation.

Advantages of mobile development with JetRuby

What sets JetRuby Agency apart from other mobile development companies?

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Goal-oriented mindset

With more than 13 years of experience, the JetRuby team developed a mindset of being agile, proactive, and swift. We go for result.

Transparent process

At JetRuby, we believe in transparency and keep our clients actively involved in every stage of the development process. You get complete control.

Partner approach

The application itself is not our end goal, your continued success is. Our mobile development team is here to build trust and long-term partnerships.

Quick Turnaround

Time is money and if you want the business app development to be expedited, we are ready to shoulder your burden. Our team adheres to strict deadlines without compromising on quality.

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