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Delivering on time

Thanks to its lean code base, Ruby on Rails allows saving up to 35% on the development process (comparing with other frameworks). That is much faster than the vast majority of modern technologies. Saving time is saving money and the ability to start your business more quickly.

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Scalable in every step

Ruby on Rails is a super scalable framework that can work with the raised load and save time on the deployment process. Whether you have a simple website or large ecommerce shop, it'll work flawlessly. It's a reliable technology that won't allow your time and money to go in vain.

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Being professional

We make the most of the technologies and use RoR for creating really effective business solutions that will work. We're developing gems that thousands of people use in their projects. Step by step, project by project we were sharpening our skills until we became real experts in our field.

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Ruby on Rails apps we built.


500000+ installs
500000+ international DJs
10000+ record labels

We developed a music streaming application that provides users with access to the coolest world electronic dance music. The PYRO platform was built with the cutting edge technologies to create an absolutely new experience in Electronic Dance Music.

We considered every specific of IT Chinese industry, optimized the infrastructure, and significantly improved the performance of the platform. Additionally, has been made a unique design for every part of the PYRO project. PYRO is the balance between cost-effectiveness and performance of the available services to use.

Ruby on rails development company
ruby on rails development company

Move Shanghai

850+ activities
110+ first-class venues

MOVE Shanghai allows you to have access to all the premium fitness venues in the area just from one single place. With its help, you can book different activities like swimming, yoga, dance classes and much more. Available on iOS, Android, and web, MOVE Shanghai is designed to provide the same experience no matter which ecosystem you prefer.

We built a great fitness application with all the specifics of the Chinese market in mind. Since the Firewall blocks almost all the external services, we integrated a number of internal services. Thereafter, we implemented unique solutions for the markets in USA and UK.


600000+ active users
1600000+ daily requests

NameCoach is a unique web application that offers a simple yet very effective solution to the ubiquitous and common problem of mispronouncing names. With its help, you can record and then save your name right onto the website so that others could easily access and remember how to accurately pronounce it.

Used by some of the largest US universities and colleges like Stanford, Pepperdine, Xavier, Haverford etc., NameCoach successfully tackles the problem of unnecessary alienation and embarrassment that occur at the graduation ceremonies and other important events quite frequently.

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Recognized by the industry.

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The main goal of our company is to develop a product that would fully meet your needs. Let us implement a software product you want so that you could focus on your business. JetRuby Agency is a company of full cycle web and mobile app development that believes there's no room for complacency. Our technology stack allows us to find a solution for a task of any complexity, whether it's an ecommerce shop or software for spaceship.

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What we suggest.


Ruby on Rails is probably the best solution for a minimum viable product. Among its strong sides are efficiency, open source, secureness, stability, and flexibility - the list goes on.


Ruby on Rails is highly suitable for almost any kind of business project, whether it's a simple website or a dashboard for an IoT platform. In time, in budget, in scope - one framework to rule them all.


RoR has a great number of free ready-made solutions for implementing the basic functionality of online stores. Additionally, Ruby on Rails ecommerce platforms give you complete control over your store.

App maintenance

Having finished your project, we'll take full responsibility for its further maintenance, including optimization and software safety.We'll keep improving your product's quality to meet the needs of your end users.

The whole world knows us.

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We develop Ruby gems

The total number of our solutions downloads is more than 500000. Perhaps your business needs one of them!

We are participants of Rails Club

This is a leading Ruby conference, where we expand the technological borders and create effective solutions.

We keep abreast of developments

JetRuby sets the direction. Our opinion is shared even by the creator of Ruby language - Yukihiro Matsumoto.

ruby on rails development company

Join JetRuby family.

Hundreds of custom web applications have been built for the clients and their businesses around the globe.

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