Events app development

Since the last decade, the event industry has grown as never before. However, the competition in this industry keeps growing along with the number of events.

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Events App Development with JetRuby Agency
If you're thinking of developing an app for the next event or conference, you're in the right place. Here, we'll share our experience in events application development and tell about various types of events apps as well as the and the essential functionality.
Types of Events app development
In most of the cases, local event apps are developed for a particular city and are used by locals in order to organize different social gatherings.

One of the recent events app we developed is known as Pyro.
If you are in China and you can't imagine your life without music, Pyro is the app you'll want to have installed on your mobile device. It helps the Chinese market discover a fascinating world of electronic music.
Festivals have always been popular and enticed various audiences always popular and entice large audiences. Having found the right software festival solution will allow festive organizers to ensure high event satisfaction.

So if you're going to organize a festival shortly, focus on this category of event application development.
Local Events Apps
Festival Apps
The Essential Features
Flawless Registration Process
To attract as many users as possible, it's necessary to make the registration process as simple as possible. Provide your user with a possibility to sign up using their social media profile, phone or email address. Having added a profile feature with interests, you'll connect your users' profiles with their user profiles. The majority of social media analyze their users' preferences to suggest corresponding events.
Event Feed Optimization
As soon as your users start using the app, they can get lost with an overwhelming amount of available events. It's up to your app to app to optimize the event feed and suggest events according to users' interests. As an option, you can use different API's for ranking, aggregating, and personalizing the event information.
Listings and Schedules
This feature allows users to keep all events details in the users' hands. People prefer a convenient calendar or schedule, where they can follow all their gatherings. Additionally, they'd like to browse upcoming concerts, parties, trade shows and other events from their devices.
Search and Categories
In case users are looking for specific event, they wouldn't want to spend time scrolling through a long list of events. As a user-friendly app, your app should have the feature to separate your events by categories, such as movies, parties, and other types of events. Use the filters system, for instance.
Events Tracking
Your app needs to show a list of events both the past and the upcoming ones, the users have tickets for. However, you may extend the functionality by allowing users to track the events they like or want to visit. Or create a customizable waitlist to inform users if any tickets become available for sold-out events.
Engagement Features
Live audience responses, polls, surveys are becoming an integral part of a successful events app. To build a strong loyalty to your app, you need to establish feedback and connection with the audience.
10 000+ Record labels
50 000+ International DJs
PYRO is an app is that combines the best practices of the world's leading music streaming services.

Take a look at our article, to find out more about this project.

20 000+ China based DJs
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