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We use NodeJS to build high-performance and scalable web applications for businesses who need fast product release on time & budget.

Why NodeJS?

NodeJS development enables faster time to market, business flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

nodejs development company

Blazingly fast

NodeJS is really fast. Like REALLY FAST and here is why. First, NodeJS is based on a technology developed specifically for the Chrome browser, which is one of Google's main products. Second, it enables instant synchronisation when using a single language on both client and server-side. So if you're going to make an online game, chat, video conference tool, or your project somehow relies on frequently updated data, NodeJS is the language of choice.

node js development company

Long-term support

Behind NodeJS stands a powerful programming language - JavaScript. Nowadays, JavaScript is on the peak of must-need programming languages with almost 7 million users around the world.
It's a big advantage for businesses that want to focus on making their product better instead of having a headache over moving from a dying technology and deciding which one to choose next. Your customers want a stable and reliable product, so give them one!

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Insane scalability

NodeJS is perfect for businesses that are planning to grow. With this programming language, you can build a web app that can easily handle 1m+ customers. Scaling a NodeJS app is cost-efficient thanks to its modular approach. A great example of this is Walmart. The company decided to use NodeJS to improve the architecture of their website. This allowed Walmart to ensure 100 % uptime on Black Friday and achieve a whopping 20% conversion growth in general as well as 98% growth in mobile conversion.

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Faster time to market

NodeJS is an extremely lightweight technology. This makes it not only simple in use but also really fast in development. In other words, you can put more features into your web application while reducing the overall development time (compared to NodeJS alternatives). Whether you're a startup or an enterprise company, even the smallest delay in a product release can have a devastating effect on the business. NodeJS is a time-efficient technology that can help you solve that challenge.

NodeJS Development Case Studies

Check out these awesome apps we built for our clients to solve real-life and business challenges.



OpenFT is a B2B application aimed to support the Financial Times sales team. Basically, it allows users to sell subscriptions, and license content through dedicated and easy-to-integrate widgets and watchlists.

OpenFT allows the company's employees to stay up to date with field trends without having to leave their Slack channels or company portals. Users can easily create and customize widgets in the OpenFT admin panel that becomes available right after purchasing an API-token key. The panel's functionality allows filtering information by regions, brands, organizations, topics, occupations and so on. Using NodeJS along with the most cutting-edge technologies, we built a truly innovative solution with a lightning-fast performance with smooth delivery of the content.

nodejs development company
fundify nodejs development company



Fundify is an innovative crowdfunding project, which is designed to find resources and support for creative people, who're looking for resources to make their dreams come true.

Currently, we're working hard on this project that would have to become a new home for investors, where they could find new amazing and clever innovations that surprise and delight.

Since this project would be used by thousands of people across the world, our goal is to make it as secure as possible. With such features as secrets API, Pod security policies, Role-based Access Control, Kubernetes perfectly suits for it.

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