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What we offer

There are lots of various fitness & health app types, but as we follow the global fitness app development trends, we offer you the following :


Workout / Personal trainer apps

Personal trainer apps can be compared to an online, personal gym coach with no gym at all. This kind of app is super convenient for people, who want to exercise out of a gym. (at home, for example). Workout apps functionality aims to provide various formats of training activity, such as video, visual, or even 3D modeling.


Activity Tracking

Tracking any physical activity, like running, swimming, walking, snowboarding, and so on have been on a huge trend wave recently. And if you synchronize them with wearables devices, they would provide highly accurate data of all users activity.

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Diet and Nutrition

As the mission of any diet or nutrition app is to help users keep to a diet and control their intake (and lots of other diet trackings), this app is being chosen by people who take care of the calorie and nutritional value of their daily food.


Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are two activities that can be done everywhere, especially when you have detailed instructions on your phone. With the combination of relevant content and reliability, we build this app for users to feel their inner structure.

With the following core features

Personal Profile

The main purpose of a personal profile is to be able to enter all personal data(like weight, age, height, etc.), as well as the desired goals. To produce a user-friendly visual design, we add a photo uploading feature, for the user, to feel their results.


To correctly establish a workout plan calendar, one needs to have at least several plans with a variety of workouts for different audiences, including beginners and pros.This is going to be mixed along with the video content and online training.

Activity Log

An activity log is a loyal assistant that makes trainings more engaging and helps users follow their progress as well as stay motivated. Progress analytics, challenges, goals, and the calendar with a workout log are just a few options that you can have in an app.

Integration with wearable devices

By integrating a fitness app with wearable devices, you enable users to track and monitor their activity in a simplistic approach. This makes an app both user-friendly and effective in creating more detailed training programs.

Our Cases

As a fitness app development company, we've had numerous successful products. Here are a few of them:

fitness app development company


Our team established an online fitness platform with over 150+ fitness venues across all of Shanghai.
Now, anyone can enjoy their active lifestyle without a hassle!


We developed a Health & Fitness platform that transforms your life and lets you challenge yourself as a coach, member or even broker.
Сhallenge yourself today and start a new journey with more than 300 different coaches and their programs online!

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How we work

Code Review

If you have a codebase of your own, we do estimate the costs and scale the approximate team accordingly.

Getting the feedback & setling the proposal

While staying in touch with you, we prepare all documents for you describing and discussing all terms and conditions.

Define & Estimate tasks

All of the business & technical questions will be carefully examined and estimated within the first week.

Downpayment with your team

Once the initial payment is received, we proceed to assign the people on-demand as the project is growing.

Scrum Process

We follow the practices of best methodologies : Agile / Scrum development

B. Development Phase

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C. Support and Maintenance

Technical Support

Providing 24/7 technical support and maintenance

Product Enhancement

Creating a roadmap of product enhancements

Plan Compliance

Creating a roadmap of product enhancements

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