Managed IT Services

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise company, the value of your product will be created by people. We provide managed IT service by giving you access to highly-performing professionals, who write code, administer clouds, manage the IT infrastructure, analyze your business & data, work on your product design, and do many other things to improve your business.

Managed IT Services


Access to Top IT Talents

JetRuby is an ISO-accredited software development company that provides scaled development teams to support your projects. The management option is flexible and depends on your needs: a dedicated, extended team, individuals working under your control, or a combination of those options. We prioritize training and in-house growth opportunities for our talents. It’s suffice to say that 80% of senior developers advanced their career path starting from lower positions in our company.


Perks of Managed IT Services in Action

Extensive talent pool

We provide access to an active base of qualified candidates. Specialists join projects promptly with no time being wasted on the new search. You’ll find many talents, starting with mobile developers and ending with data analysts. 

Saving costs

An outsourced model is much more cost-efficient than organizing your IT team. You don't have to worry about expenses like office costs, educational training fees, etc. 

Deep expertise in various domains

We specialize in 16 industrial domains (agritech, fintech, logistics & transports, e-commerce & retail, etc.)

Well-trained specialists

Only mid to senior-level engineers join commercial projects from our end. We respond to your tech challenges and apply our best practices.

Transparent hiring and control of the process 

Direct participation in the software development process allows managing your teamwork and setting new priorities for the key goals. 

Shape your idea

Trusted by

We’ve helped many businesses worldwide to extend their teams with our high-performing specialists.

Our Services

Our dedicated software development team Tech Stack

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

The best choice for fast development. The creation of Ruby-based projects is swift due to the technical benefits of the framework architecture and the peculiarities of development tools.


NodeJS is comfortable from a developer's viewpoint as JavaScript language serves both frontend and backend parts.


Python is valid for both development and testing. Python is a simple language and suites small projects which don't require a large memory capacity.

React JS

React JS is perfect for websites with a large content volume and supports progressive web applications.

Vue JS

Vue JS suits adaptable user interfaces and complex one-page apps.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a good fit for developing interactive web applications. The structure and architecture of this framework make it a viable choice for a big scalable project.


Its error-resistance ability significantly speeds development up. A high speed of code execution makes Swift-based apps work in a flying mode.


A flexible language that allows developers to create smaller programs with richer functionality.

X Code

The software in which developers write and test code, test and debug applications, and run many other operations.


The fundamental language for Android application development. It allows developers to write code that works seamlessly across multiple mobile platforms.


Developers find this language easy to use. Often, Kotlin applications are cheaper for the customer and easier to maintain in the future.

React Native

An excellent solution for building applications that will run smoothly regardless of the underlying platform or system.


This language is suitable for multi-platform desktop applications that do not have strict memory usage requirements and don't require elaborated UX/UI design.

Managed IT Services

How does our Management IT Service work?

Regular reports

You receive a detailed time spent report.

Compliance with standards

Compliance with standards: HIPAA Certified Engineers, Certified in ISO 30414 (Human Capital) and ISO 10018 (People Engagement).

User satisfaction monitoring

HR support, focused on retention, measuring employee motivation and satisfaction.

Rigorous management control

Dedicated project coordinator and account manager ensure smooth engagement in all stages.

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