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Healthcare app development

Healthcare applications have the ability to drastically change the way people receive medical treatment and health care. Our team helps you create solutions that improve lives.

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Health and well-being are the most crucial part of everyone's life, however healthcare sector is far from perfect. Keeping that in mind industry leaders partner with healthcare mobile app development companies such as JetRuby Agency to create a positive impact via life-saving digital solutions.
cross platform healthcare app for android
We make healthcare digital solutions that are
Building a health application it's vital to ensure maximum protection of sensitive data. We create HIPAA compliant solutions that fit all the industry standards and protect patient privacy according to numerous local and international rules and regulations.
HIPAA Compliant
Our healthcare mobile app development company is skilled in developing applications for diverse platforms. The healthcare industry can benefit significantly from mobile development thus we make sure maximum devices can be provided with superb-quality healthcare apps.
Native & cross-platform
Healthcare applications work with an enormous amount of sensitive patient data to provide users with the services and treatment needed. Of course, all this information should be secured on every processing stage whilst being private & confidential.
Secure & Confidential
Having 10+ years of experience in the industry we follow the simple yet effective process to develop world-class apps
First, we ensure that that the future application is aligned with your business goals. Our team provides you with an accurate product view that is going to be a solid foundation for product creation.
UX/UI Design
Our design team defines the user experience for the future application by creating clickable wireframes, that are then transformed into UI. At this stage, we ensure the interface is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasant.
Following the agile methodologies, we break up the development tasks into sprints and our team implements them using the most fitting and reliable technologies. We conduct regular meetings and updates to keep the process transparent.
Quality Assurance
Our engineering team ensures that the developed application functions as intended via writing unit tests, performing manual and automated testing. We provide you with a bug-free reliable application.
Launch and support
Our healthcare app development company takes care of the product launch as well as application maintenance. The apps' lifecycle doesn't end after the release and we help you support it and make improvements over time.
HIPAA Certified
We follow all the rules of working with the healthcare industry. Our employees who work with healthcare projects are HIPAA certified. This is why we are confident in the quality of our services.
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Multiplatform healthcare app that assists users to navigate to the distinguished quality, cost-efficient doctors and exceptional care facilities
Backend Developers
Frontend Developers
Mobile Developers
QA Engineers
Project Manager
Account Manager
Years of Cooperation
We developed an app that allows finding a necessary specialist without spending extra money. It's reliable, secure and easy to use. No need for a hospital trip to make an appointment. Now you have the Healthcare — your personal assistant that will allow you to get instant health guidance and find a specialist you need.

Let's build great things together
After you fill out this from, one of our client success managers will contact you within 24 hours. We have three types of notifications set to make sure your message is received.
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