Agriculture & Husbandry Solutions

based on Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

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Decisions & Insights

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Planning & Forecasting

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Monitoring & Automation

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Our Solutions are Applicable for

Vegetable farming






Jetruby Farming Management System is

a highly customisable AI & ML platform that will be expertly tailored to solve your specific needs.

Accurate Planning & Forecasting
with AI & ML systems

Save on Inputs
with Irrigation & Fertilisation precision

Improve Yields
with optimised Water, Fertiliser, & Soil management

Increase Herd Output & Pregnancy Rate
with Smart monitoring

Save on Labour
with Automation & Control

Accurate Planning & Forecasting
with AI & ML systems

Save on inputs
with Irrigation & Fertilisation precision

Improve yields
with optimised Water, Fertiliser, & Soil management

Increase herd output & pregnancy rate
with Smart monitoring

Save on labour
with Automation & Control

Jetruby Farming Management System Network



Cases and Solutions

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Optimization of logistics

Problem: excessive fuel consumption during exploitation of truck transport in an agricultural company.
Solution: we developed an AI system to plan cargo and transport routes. It drastically reduced the waiting time at pick-up points and the empty transportation time. We integrated the relevant module into the company’s ERP system. The planning process became transparent and efficient.

Result: fuel costs have dropped by 18 - 22%.
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Boost yields of lucerne

Problem: high consumption of pesticides.
Solution: implementing daily monitoring of the plants, soil, and environmental conditions allowed us to identify the key factors impacting the consumption of pesticides. Following that, we’ve created the mathematical model enabling forecasts and applied the elements of precision agriculture technology.

Result: the average consumption of pesticides is now reduced by 13 - 15%; the yields have increased by 7 - 10%.
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Water management in rice cultivation

Problem: high water consumption.
Solution: the network of detecting devices was set up on fields to evaluate water level and quality, soil moisture level, and meteorological parameters. We configured permanent connection channels along with an AI cloud risk management system. The water supply system was revamped.

Result: water consumption has dropped by 15 - 20% (depending on weather); rice ripens faster by 5 - 8%.
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Analysis of behavior-related impact on health and productivity of livestock animals

Problem: early diagnosis of diseases of livestock animals with the least possible use of wearable health trackers.
Solution: we developed a system of video analysis based on a neural network. Also, it was necessary to place contactless sensors of physiological parameters and behavior on farms and location areas of animals.

Result: severe disease and mortality among animals have been reduced by 25 - 30%.
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Preventing the spread of plant diseases of green-house tomato and cucumber

Problem: early detection of diseases.
Solution: to identify sites of diseases, we’ve developed new algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic. A system of permanent video and hardware monitoring was set up.

Result: the infection is now localized and neutralized very early, which increases the yields by 12 - 17%.
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Oyster farming in natural waters

Problem: poor forecast of the final production volume.
Solution: we’ve teamed up with experts to develop a methodology, identifying key factors impacting the production growth. A network of sensor systems to analyze the physical and biochemical parameters of the environment was built. Algorithms of predictive analytics were created and tested.

Result: the forecast precision has grown from 65 - 70%
to 85 - 92%.

Jetruby FMS Key Segments and Features


Financial and operational planning

  • Planning the volume of planting material.
  • Crop rotation structure.
  • Purchase of young animals.
  • Need for medicines.
  • Consumption of water, fertilisers, electricity, etc.
  • Costs: labour, material, expenses.

Operational Activities

Tracking and monitoring

  • Operational records of activities.
  • The use of equipment and resources consumption.
  • Tracking the condition of crops, animals, soil, etc.
  • Expenses tracking.
  • Monitoring the quality of work.
  • Compliance with the schedule of agricultural work


Identify anomalies, make forecasts, find insights

  • Summary information.
  • Factor analysis.
  • Specialised analytics in specific areas.
  • Risk assessment and prioritisation.
  • Forecasting of various parameters.

Key Features

Operational Costs
planning & tracking

Yield Prediction
planning & tracking

Product maturation

Labour & Equipment
planning & tracking

Plants health
monitoring & management

Herd health, Pregnancy rate, Output
monitoring & management

forecasting, management, automation

forecasting, management, automation

forecasting, management, automation

Crisis & Anomalies

In-field Weather
forecasting, monitoring & factoring in impact


IoT Solutions
LTE NB-IoT MQTT Connections

Satellites & Drones

Farm maps
digital construction, visualisation, analysis

Recent Projects

OSRAM Urban Farming

Created for farmers and for those who love farming.

The project Urban Farming Osram is based on IoT technology. It’s a unique project designed to make the farming process as effective and simple as never before.

Among the solutions, the project provides the following services:

24/7 visibility into soil and crop health.

Machinery performance.

Storage conditions.

Monitoring energy consumption levels.

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First-of-its-kind pig health and production management platform.

By processing thousands of relevant images, the application evaluates the health condition of pigs and signals about a possible outbreak of infection.

Among the solutions, the project provides the following services:

Collecting real-time data for production and veterinary analysis;

Veterinary checkups in the digital format and telemedicine tools;

Management and communication solutions for pig farms.

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