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We offer the following Al & ML Services

AI-backed team

We support your project's technical and business sides by bringing our AI and management expertise.

Data Science & Engineering

Testing hypotheses, building ML and DL training models, and data preprocessing for research

Predictive Analysis

Predicting future evolutions of factors based on analysis of data sets

Automating Processes

Reducing the need for human labor, automation of repetitive tasks

Computer Vision

We develop solutions to identify or track a given object and assist with visual assessment

Product development

Prototyping a future product, optimizing existing solutions, and designing a full-scale AI-powered product


We Use Modern Data Processing Technologies



Sci-Kit Learn



MXNet development


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning development company





Spark MLLib

image 214 development


ML Pack

Azure ML Studio

Apache SINGA logo 1 development

Apache Singa

Why JetRuby

Our Approach to AI & ML Development

Research and Discovery

  • Business analysis
  • Collecting requirements
  • We analyze your project to choose the optimum technologies that fit your goals


  • Validating ideas
  • Building MVP
  • Delivering Proof of Concept

Development and Release

  • Building a reliable and scalable AI solution
  • Working together with data scientists and engineers to shape a unique product
  • Post-release support included

Why JetRuby

Industries We Work With

Facilities management

We help you implement advanced security systems to prevent health risks or risks of injury (for example, wet floors, suspicious objects, and behavior). Thanks to AI-powered preventive renovation, you save accident-related expenses.


The agritech solutions engineered by us are making good use of AI and ML technologies. They serve to detect animal diseases and pests cost-efficiently, improving crop yield and quality of livestock production. Manage your water and land resources smartly with the help of data-driven digital tools.


AI solutions mean a complete digital transformation of your digital product through logistics optimization, enhanced sales forecasting, churn rate analysis, and nifty app features for consumers.


The AI systems we develop can build optimal routes, monitor the technical condition of vehicles, and drive cost-efficiency for your logistic processes.  


AI and ML approach successfully detect fraud, collects market data to build forecasts and assesses credit and insurance risks.

Automotive industry

Better experiences for the automotive industry came with self-driving opportunities, obstacle detection, and warning of drivers.


We can develop systems to help you detect abnormal activities inside and outside the premises and monitor staff behavior in hotels, hospitals, and home services to control the quality of work.


Integrate smart, personalized learning tracks in your EdTech apps for the best results. AI technologies enhance the learning process by making individual pools of tasks based on the student's learning pace and abilities.


See how our AI & ML-enabled solutions helped our clients

Water Optimization for Rice Cultivation
Our team deployed the network of detecting devices on fields to evaluate water quality, soil moisture level, and meteorological parameters. We configured permanent connection channels along with an AI cloud risk management system. The water supply system was fully renovated.

Project results:

  • Water consumption dropped by 15 – 20%. High water consumption was no longer the issue.
  • Ripening period for rice was cut by 5 – 8%.
Improvement of Logistics


Ineffective cargo routes and intransparent fuel consumption 


The AI-powered system enabled the automatic building of cargo routes. This innovation significantly helped reduce the trucks' waiting time at pick-up points. We integrated the planning and management module into the company's ERP system.

Project results:

  • Saving fuel consumption by 18-22%
Increasing the productivity of farm animals 


Low productivity of cows


We implemented an AI-enabled Farming Management System (FMS) for animal husbandry control, which provides the farm staff with data-based recommendations for cows’ treatment and nutrition. 

Project results:

  • Milk yield increased by 28-30%, whereas expenditures dropped by 20-22%
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