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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-enabled Development Solutions for your Business

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning — harness the power of data to stay ahead of the curve!

We build bespoke AI and ML enabled software solutions that provide tangible competitive advantages

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development

How can machine learning and artificial intelligence benefit your business?

AI and ML use cases in industries

Facilities management

- Safety alerts about health risks or risks of injury (for example, wet floor, suspicious objects, behavior)
- A secure area trespass detection system and relevant alerting - Routine tasks automation
- Efficient resource utilization
- Cost-efficient distribution of resources
- Preventive renovation and maintenance of process facilities aimed at saving of costs associated with accidents
- Indoor location systems used to monitor the employees’ productivity  Security systems in elevators


- Diseases & pests detection and producing relevant alerts
- Forecasts on yield, resources, cost and revenue
- Improving the productivity of aquaculture through accurate forecasting of farm maintenance regimes 
- Management of water resources in adverse climatic conditions
- Monitoring and forecasting of external factors aimed at extending the shelf life of products
- Predictive analysis of epidemiological situations and external environment aimed at saving the livestock


- Building optimal routes
- Conducting geo analytics and producing relevant alerts
- Driver behavior detection 
- Monitoring the technical condition of vehicle as a whole and its parts


- Logistics optimization
- Sales forecasting
- Churn rate analysis
- Product recommendations 


- Сontactless access to objects through multi-factor identification of people, cars, equipment
- Detection of abnormal activities inside and outside the premises. For example, assessing the crime level on the streets and in crowded places (airports, stadiums, trading malls) 
- Monitoring the behavior of staff in hotels, hospitals, home service to control the quality of work


- Building smart personalized learning tracks for the best results
- Making individual pools of tasks based on the student’s learning pace and their abilities
- Making avatars for interactive communication and organization of game training for children, people with various neurodegenerative diseases, narrow specialists (for example, training a technician to replace a bearing part in a pump, etc.)

Automotive industry

- Self-driving opportunities
- Pedestrians detection
- Obstacle detection and obstacle warning of drivers


- Fraud detection
- Market data collection
- Assessment of credit and insurance risks

Through automation and optimization of multiple processes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are gaining an increasing share of the software market.

AI and ML-enabled software developed by JetRuby unlock the power of self-learning mechanisms for its clients and let them discover new business opportunities. These customized and personalized solutions are prefaced by the intensive Research and Development phase conducted by our experts with a deep technological background.

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Why develop AI and ML solutions with us?

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Advantages of JetRuby’s approach:

AI and ML solutions

Careful Research and Discovery.

As a result, you’ll have a clear vision regarding the application of your product, customer portrait, and, of course, the ways to solve the core problem

AI and ML solutions development

We’ve built projects focused on AI and ML.

Among our cases, you’ll find the solutions working with image recognition, plant and animal disease prevention, optimization of water and resources consumption, data-based forecasts, and logistics automation.

Artificial Intelligence development

The optimum choice of technologies that fits your goals.

For example, software focused on AI and ML may require expertise in the Internet of Things — our agency is well-versed in this type of combination.

Check the AI and ML-enabled solutions developed by our team!

Water Optimization for Rice Cultivation

EveryPig Telemedicine Tool

water optimization al ml

Our team deployed the network of detecting devices on fields to evaluate water quality, soil moisture level, and meteorological parameters. We configured permanent connection channels along with an AI cloud risk management system. The water supply system was fully renovated.

Project results:

  • Water consumption dropped by 15 – 20%. High water consumption was no longer the issue.
  • Ripening period for rice was cut by 5 – 8%.
telemedicine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

First-of-its-kind pig health and production management platform.
By processing thousands of relevant images, the application evaluates the health condition of pigs and signals about a possible outbreak of infection.

Project results:

  • Development of a fast, informative, and “one-stop” platform for pork producers.
  • Geographical expansion of the product.

How can I grow my business with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

AI and ML empower business solutions with truly diverse options and features. If you look for ways to automate your technological routine and extract value from data troves collected by your app, check out the following examples — although no such list would be fully representative of the AI and ML capabilities:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

taxi application

AI algorithms build better routes for drivers and connect taxi passengers with vacant slots. For example, when predictive analysis shows you the hottest areas with demand for taxis, you’ll be able to reschedule the drivers’ flow in the best possible way.

Content platforms benefit from ML techniques

As a content platform owner, you value the retention of readers above all. Deep learning integrated with the search feature on your platform will anticipate the search intent of users and take care of the personalization of their feed.

Chatbots can be perfect
with AI

If you run a business with heavy reliance on online customer service, the use of AI-enabled bots is essential nowadays. Human-like dialogues are able to keep user satisfaction high provided that your software navigates users through relevant solutions in a really smart way.

Safe driving made possible with ML

AI and ML are utilized to train systems to detect obstacles and, therefore, prevent car crashes. Whether you are a researcher whose task is to assess road risks or an engineer, working to prevent accidents, you agree that object detection takes ML algorithms to learn computers to see threats and prevent negative scenarios.

AI-enabled HR Tech filters

A modern HR officer is no longer sifting through the job candidates’ profiles but saves their time by concentrating on the most suitable applicants and strategizing interviews with them. It’s possible due to the AI-based scanning function filtering profiles by the preset parameters.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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