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At this part, our mission is to make an inclusive vision of the project. This include understanding the product's advantage according to its competitors and determining the end-users' needs.


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From efficiency enhancement, characteristic enrichment, to regular functionality updates, our Android app maintenance services support you make your app practicable to use.

Android Development Case Studies

Explore these amazing Android apps we built with love for our clients to help them solve business challenges.

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Moments NFC

Moments NFC is a Kotlin-based app that simplifies payments in pubs across the USA. There are two amazing things about this app. First, it allows you to pay for a drink with a mere wave of your hand. Just sync the app with your smartphone or a wristband with an NFC module and you're ready to do magic! No more waiting to get your credit card payment approved.

The second amazing thing is that our team built the entire app in just 12 days. We didn't even have to create a new interface from scratch. We simply took the iOS app design and used it "as is" to build the Kotlin app. Doing this saved our client a considerable amount of budget. Ultimately, we helped the client create a unique mobile application for the Android platform that allows pub customers save their time and make their night outs stress-free.

LOOP Messenger

OOP Messenger is a Kotlin application that allows you to make new friends by creating and sharing your "suggestions" with other people or choose from available activities, deals, offers, events, or just random cool stuff.

Sharing is based on either a specific location or a group of previously selected people (friends). LOOP Messenger is your ultimate way to always keep abreast of everything that's upcoming regardless of where you are.

Our impact: we've designed and built a robust app architecture that allows for quick and drastic functionality changes to meet market trends. We've also implemented a custom and highly-personalized in-app feed that provides users with suggestions based on their interests and preferences, not people followed. Available on App Store and Google Play.

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MOVE Shanghai

MOVE Shanghai advocates as your own fitness concierge for sport fans in China. In a nutshell, it's a mini ecosystem that allows you to book anything from tennis classes to a lounge chair at a 5-star hotel pool for a flat monthly fee.

Moreover, personal assistance from the Move Consultant will help you to choose and book new activities. Swimming, boxing, yoga, squash - whatever moves you! SPA that connects the best fitness and activity providers to the user, making it easy to workout whenever and wherever is most convenient.

We built a fast and smooth Kotlin app based on the iOS version to enable MOVE Shanghai users access their fitness venues from both platforms. We also integrated the app with AliPay and WeChat since these services are a must for any Chinese application.

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