Are you planning to build an App? Then the App Idea Audit is a Must.


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There is a 99% chance you overlooked some critical steps in the planning if your team does not have a strong background in app development.

No developer can provide an accurate estimate, let alone build an App on time, to specification, and on a budget, without a complete understanding of your project.
Warning Do not trust those who quickly quote prices. You will lose time and money!

The only way for developers to provide precise estimates and ultimately build the App you want is to invest time and effort into knowing your project as well as you do!

This is Our Goal and the key to successful App development!

App Idea Audit is the first essential step towards that goal. It is FREE this month.

Together with our tech & business analysts, you will:

Identify your project’s blindspots from a business and technology perspective.

What are the most common blindspots of projects?

  1. User types and their story maps are not well defined.
  2. MVP planning lacks details and analysis.
  3. Wrong technical conceptualization.

User story map

Product evolution canvas

App Idea Audit Results

  1. Identification of project blind spots.
  2. Initial tech stack definition.
  3. App key features evaluation and selection for priority development.
  4. User flow and screens analysis.
  5. Product Development Strategy.

Performed via Zoom call that lasts about an hour

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