AI and Mobile Applications Will Help Enhance Water Use Efficiency

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This excellent article by Michael Gilbert in an Entrepreneur column focuses on the emerging area of “precision agriculture – the use of technology like networked sensors and artificial intelligence – is helping farmers get by without the water they once had.”

Precision agriculture, he explains, uses technology such as “networked sensors and artificial intelligence” to help farmers get by with less water.

The writer says he has “seen up close how precision agriculture is making a difference for farms facing extreme drought. But embracing this technology isn’t always easy. In fact, it requires fundamentally revisiting our relationship with water in agriculture.”

The key, he suggests, is to focus on data to understand how water is begin used and how to deliver it in the most efficient way possible.

Data will rewrite irrigation practices that up until now are “still an art form.”

Technology, he says, can take irrigation management from a “general” feeling toward a higher level of precision.

JetRuby has specialists in agriculture technology to help organizations affordably take ideas and opportunities to a minimally viable solution for launch and ready to scale as needed.

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