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Analyst Says AI Will Reshape Healthcare, Reach $120 billion by 2028 

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Healthcare AI
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In a report on health care trends by Eric Johnson, CEO of membersy in MedCity News, a cadre of tech startups is changing how healthcare providers price their products and services, using subscription-based payment options to connect price transparency and consumer preferences in a novel way.

He says subscription-based payment options “present an opportunity to develop reliable recurring revenue streams while boosting patient loyalty.” They cater “to a growing group of uninsured gig workers and millennials who frequently operate outside of the existing insurance framework.”

Telehealth offerings, he believes are pointed for further growth because up to 60% of healthcare consumers want expanded telehealth options in the future.

Expanding these opportunities positions healthcare providers to expand their patient base by reaching a greater cohort of healthcare consumers, especially rural patients who often lack easy access to healthcare solutions.

Mobile connectivity. “Investing in mobile can accelerate personalization while tapping into patient preferences.” These apps enable “healthcare providers to easily deliver push notifications that reduce strain on patients. At the same time, healthcare providers can leverage this technology to provide 24/7 chat capability, subscription benefits management, and other patient-driven initiatives”

Connected health technology is “creating new and better connections across providers, channels, care settings, and other relevant patient care facilities. This is great news for patients as connected health technologies improve patient engagement and health outcomes across a variety of metrics.

“When patients are more engaged, providers are informed, and payment methods are accessible, everyone stands to benefit…

Technology’s proliferation in the next year can make this system even more effective, helping patients and providers thrive in 2022.”

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