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You’re standing waiting for a job interview. You’re standing at the front of the classroom, waiting to meet your students for the first time, in hospital meeting a patient. It’s a non-native citizen with an unpronounceable looking name…the fear hits you..what if you get it wrong?! You’ll never get the job, your students won’t respect you from the beginning, your patient will be downcast… don’t worry. As always, we got your back! Check out the solution here….

Many international students are studying at foreign universities (especially American Uni’s), and even more so with the advent of the EU Erasmus Project! But when a teacher wants to address a foreign student, they may find themselves facing a potentially nightmarish situation! Most likely, they will mispronounce and the communication between student and teacher will break down, respect will be lost, valuable time wasted and the Student/Teacher relationship will suffer for years to come…

This is the smart bit. For about 3 years, our company has been working with NameCoach on a project to solve this problem. It’s a unique web application that offers a simple yet very effective solution to the ubiquitous and common problem of mispronouncing names!

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Used by some of the largest US universities and colleges in the world — to name a few: Stanford, Xavier, Haverford, CMU and Northwestern. NameCoach successfully tackles the problem of unnecessary alienation and embarrassment that occurs at graduation ceremonies and other important events: more frequently than you’d expect.

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At this moment, there are around 100,000 active users (and growing daily) that have been freed from this problem. One less problem for you to worry about, that little bit of extra productivity you can put into your day. Helping you achieve more and feel better. We look forward to the continuation of our fruitful collaboration with NameCoach, as we understand that these guys came up with an amazing idea, a real problem within the multicultural society we now live in and found an inventive, intuitive and above all simple way to solve it.

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Days like this, we really love the job we do and being able to make even a small difference to people’s lives, make them better in some way. Isn’t that what life’s about? That’s what we and NameCoach do, every day. Thanks to them for choosing us to be part of something that makes such a huge difference.

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